Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AI?

Can I use AI powered tools?

Yes, AI powered tools can be used, but you may have to opt-out of certain categories.

Generally speaking, AI assistant and “co-pilot” tools can be used without restriction, but you should opt-out of categories where a content generator did most of the work. Typically this is the Graphics category, but it may include other categories.

Use your best judgement.

Also, you’re responsible for the legality of any tool used! Make sure author is licensed to use the data it was trained on, and that you have the right to use things generated by the tool!

What about non-AI content generators?

Non-AI content generators are still allowed, but they considered the same as AI content generators, meaning you should opt-out of any categories where the content generator did most of the work. Typically this is the Audio category.

What is “most of the work”?

Generally speaking, if 90% of the work in a category was done by a tool, you should opt-out of that category.

That said, if you transform something from a content generator into something new, it may count as a derivative work.

Can I use AI tools in the Compo?

Yes, but again be sure you opt-out of any appropriate categories.

Why is AI allowed?

The short answer is that it’s just not realistic to stop it or police it.

AI is everywhere these days. To ban it outright we’d have to ban the use of Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Visual Studio, GitHub, Android and Apple smartphones, even Microsoft Windows!

Ludum Dare isn’t a silo. Whether we like it or not, AI is used by professionals across the gaming industry. Banning it wouldn’t accurately reflect the real world.

That said we still want to celebrate artists, which is why we ask those using AI tools to opt-out of artist categories.