Interactive Snacks partners with Akamai Technologies and Linode to supercharge future Ludum Dare events

April 22, 2022

Ludum Dare welcomes Akamai’s support through its 20th year.

London, Ontario, Canada–Interactive Snacks Limited has announced that it’s working with Akamai Technologies to integrate Akamai products and services into its online infrastructure. This includes expanding upon and growing its existing infrastructure built on Linode (part of the Akamai family).

“Our passion is inspiring creators,” said Interactive Snacks founder Mike Kasprzak. “Ludum Dare is one of the largest and oldest names in the online event space–a grassroots phenomenon that has continued for 20 years. As we enter our 3rd decade, we are determined to explore and realize Ludum Dare’s potential.”

Mike continued, “Seven years ago, we began one of our biggest challenges to date: rebuilding our software and infrastructure entirely from scratch. One of the best decisions we made was choosing Linode to host our servers. Aside from the excellent service, it was the little things like the LISH remote console, data transfer pooling, and every time they upgraded their machines and storage—at no additional cost—that made me a fan.”

“We have ambitious plans for the future of Ludum Dare and Interactive Snacks. I’m thrilled to be working with Akamai—a leader in the content delivery and edge computing space—and Linode, a cloud hosting company I’ve been recommending since 2015.”

Ludum Dare’s 51st event begins on September 30th.

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About Interactive Snacks

Founded in 2020 by Mike Kasprzak, long time game industry veteran and caretaker of the popular Ludum Dare “game jam” event. Interactive Snacks Limited is a Canadian company that operates Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare is a trademark of Interactive Snacks Limited. Learn more at

About Ludum Dare

Established in 2002, Ludum Dare is one of the longest running events of its kind. Ludum Dare is an online event that challenges creators to make a game from scratch in a weekend. Every year, creators from around the world come together to make thousands of original games as part of the event. Learn more at