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My Postmortem

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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 4:29 pm

I’m still stunned that i was actually able to complete LD23, I am satisfied about my game, but there were some flaws i will have to point out. The game I created was a Simple Platformer called Block Bros. With not much too do really.

So I decided to use Unity3d well because that’s really simple for me to understand. In Unity3d i used C# as for the graphics i originally was going to use Photoshop for it, until the theme showed up and i switched to Paint.Net for it. The sounds were created by Generators ( SFXR, BFXR )

The Things That Worked:

>>> Familiar Tools – I was sorta familiar with Unity3d and C# which made my programming and compiling the game overall was pretty simple.

>>> Theme – The theme really helped me with my artwork as Pixel Art is for me easy and I spend about 30 minutes creating all the Artwork.

The Thing That Didn’t Work:

>>> LD Familiarity – I was totally familiar with the rules and how it goes. I was able to read the rules, but the only part that confused me was how we cannot use downloadable, but free open-source. I was confused and decided to download some soundtracks for my game, but after reading some more post on this and asking question in IRC i decided to delete and i took at least one hours to find a great soundtrack generator, this was a small set back for me.

>>> Planning – The main plan was a simple platformer. Then it turned into a fighting platformer. Then i totally scratched everything and created a Puzzler Platformer. This was because as I was creating the game more idea came into my head, thus creating conflicts on what should i do, how, and why. It was very confusing and i decided to scrap my previous work and to redo it all over again. This set me back another 2 hours, because i only spent about 15 minutes thinking and drawing the idea/concept.

>>> Level Designs – The level design were created absoluting randomly, none were planned out. After programming everything I put trees there and here and designed it anywhere. This caused confusion and i sometimes had to redo the entire level. This didn’t set me back much, but did unmotivated me.

>>> Messy Folders – all my folders were absolutely a disaster, there was no sense of organization and everything was everywhere. I found sound files in the graphic folders, Scripts not even in the folder, and graphics in the Object folder. The way i named the file made it hard to understand for me. It was just a total mess.

>>> Not Prepared – Okay, this is my fault. I knew i was going to do LD, but i still decided not to even practice at all. I kept telling my self “Gotta practice”, but then my mind when off on it’s own tangent. Sometimes I told myself even while i was participating that “AHH I QUIT!”. It was very unmotivating and tiresome.


Despite all this mishap i’ve have it was actually a VERY fun time, and gives me experience on how i can become a greater game developer. I hope to join the next LD…! Knowing your weaknesses will only make you stronger.


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A New Day!

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 7:05 am

A new day has risen and I guess it’s time for me to post something i guess. This has been such a fun competition to be apart of as it is my first year and with my limited knowledge i think i have something decent created.

It’s the not the prettiest [ I’m no artist :( ]


Ta-da! 😛

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