Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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by Testlab - Jam Entry

Grow beautiful plants. Every plant looks different. Plants mutate and get new color, new blooms, leaves. They change in size and node count.

I think plant reproduction could have been better communicated. Just in case:
Plants only reproduce after growing up and after putting them down into a free spot.

Made with C++, OpenGL & SDL2
Tools used where Inkscape, Blender <3, Gedit and Codeblocks.

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ahmedmohi says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:13am

really cool game , and i truly admire the effort to make something like this , and it actually makes pretty good game (Y)

Testlab says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 5:39pm

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It really means a lot!

Meta-link says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 5:45pm

Really peacefull game, I loved growing up my own plants :)

Dec 15, 2016 @ 6:45pm

Loved the music and slow pace. Graphics fit well. Couldn't get a flower with no stems to grow though, even after multiple restarts and many minutes right-clicking.

Testlab says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 6:55pm


Have you picked up and "replanted" a flower? I think i maybe should've better communicated that part. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!

nilead says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:21pm

Really calm and relaxing, even kind of zen. I really liked it :)

V0odo0 says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:30pm

I've looking for this kind of game with random generation since Plants vs Zombies garden part. That was interesting one for me. Room to grow!

Zettelkasten says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:33pm

Nice graphics! Beautiful game, I love the flowers. Also, the tutorial is very well done and written. I think some goals would be nice gameplay wise - but apart from that it is a great flower breeding simulator :)

Zarkonnen says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:33pm

Getting the following error on Linux: "./Plantolution: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found (required by ./Plantolution)"

Zettelkasten says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:34pm

Nice graphics! Beautiful game, I love the flowers. Also, the tutorial is very well done and written. I think some goals would be nice gameplay wise - but apart from that it is a great flower breeding simulator :)

Yvanor says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:41pm

Original and relaxing game. Adding some objectives (even if there's only a few of them) was a nice polish, it allows to understand how the flower's generation works. I found the plant reproduction well made and interesting. As for the graphics, they are minimalist but it's enough and allow to focus on the plants themselves. The music is relaxing and fit well the kind of game. Good and innovative entry ! :)

oyoh says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 10:46pm

It was really nice, the music fit well with the game, nice job !

Testlab says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 4:56pm

Thanks guys!

Thanks, i have now included that lib in the download.

Indiestry says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 10:52am

One of my favourites so far! It's lovely to look at and really calming! At first I was slightly confused about what to do when nothing happened after I put a flower into one of the rounded pots, but after reading the tutorial again (carefully this time) I figured it out! It feels very polished and complete!

Thijs Tak says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 11:27am

The game crashes instantly on my machine when trying to run the game

indrkl says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 12:16pm

Amazing job, the amount of different features that can vary is quite impressive and they were all very well executed, god some nice results in the end. Though at start it was a bit confusing how the reproduction works and that the 3 pots are for saving some progress.

eruiz00 says ...
Dec 26, 2016 @ 12:42pm

Nice graphics and not a common theme. Well done!

Flaterectomy says ...
Dec 29, 2016 @ 12:42pm

Cute little game! I enjoyed growing the flowers and selecting the best one to continue with. It wasn't immediately clear how the game worked, but I figured it out before reading your instruction in the comments.

I kinda wish there was some additional intervention the player could use to affect the results.

Graphics are decent, though I'm not fond of the isometric perspective - I think a true perspective probably would've looked better. The music suits the calmness. Sound effects are basic but effective.

JK5000 says ...
Dec 29, 2016 @ 2:22pm

A very relaxed, but also a bit weird game. Overall well done.

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