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Tiny Armada

by Almost - Competition Entry

Phew, making an RTS in 48 hours is hard.

Tiny Armada is a quick RTS game that is played entirely with boats, trading between colonies on the different islands for wealth and fighting for control of the trade routes.

Mouse to select and order your units.
Select your capital to train additional units.
Merchants provide income over time when ordered to a small colony, galleys fight enemy ships and capture cities for you.
Destroying an enemy capital will give you control over that player's units.

There is no win screen. Or a lose screen. When either of these situations arise, you may press R to restart.

Also, if the random map generator gives you a stupid map, feel free to restart.
I'll probably be making a postcompo version that has a lot more polish and works without as many minor hiccups. Also, optimizing.

In response to questions that I assume are being asked in secret: You are blue. Fire does not hurt units, it is merely an indicator of hurt. There is no point in owning a colony other than feeling powerful. If you do not build any merchants at the beginning, you will probably fail. If a colony is inland it is useless.

The source can be run with the crossplatform Love engine, which is a very small download at
To view the source files: the .love file is actually a .zip file, and can be renamed and opened as such.

Some aspects of the game are not very optimized, and so it may run slowly on weaker/older machines. Let me know if you're having any problems running it.

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Discuzting says ...
Apr 29, 2013 @ 3:48pm

The link is down :(

Almost says ...
May 3, 2019 @ 12:48am

I have a download link on my site at

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Comments (archive)

mattdev says ...

Probably the most fun entry I've seen so far. Great work!

recursor says ...

I really like the feel on this one. Definitely keep working on it. I'm sure you've already thought of this but with some more work this idea might make a pretty cool ipad game.

CapnRat says ...

Very promising mechanic. I could see this getting a bit deeper and getting much more fun!

PsySal says ...

Really awesome game, this is fun to play. Needs some balancing of course but yeah, you should definitely polish this up and release it. Very satisfying!

Tenoch says ...

Heh, I'm hooked. Really nice mechanics, and these ennemies are not so easy to beat. I've been playing it for a while now :)

Geti says ...

As I've already told you, I love this :D great to see more lovers doing LD.

Tyler says ...

Great game, very impressive for a LD entry.

Diet Chugg says ...

Nice job making a rts in 48 hours. Seems you have already noted all the things you want to see improved were the same ones I had in mind, so I will leave it there. :)

Hempuli says ...

This is really wonderful. I couldn't get very far myself, but it's really a mark of a good game if just watching the computer players is entertaining! Certainly a very polished and promising game - I hope you'll continue to work on this.

treeman says ...

Impressive and really fun!

skintkingle says ...

Very interesting idea. Quite a unique idea.
Very nice.

Stoney says ...

Wow. Impressive game.

Tozy says ...

The best i've seen so far. Congratulations.

someone says ...

Very good for 48 hours. I like how the trees break up the grid on the islands.

zez says ...

Okayyyy... sooo
The Good - good pathfinding, intuitive gampeplay, graphics worked well, randomly generated islands worked well.
The Bad - kind of boring pacing, little risk involved.

Endurion says ...

Great game!
This needs to be made a full game, with sound/music and maybe some pirates strewn in between ;)

demonpants says ...

Pretty cool. I killed the red team in about 15 seconds though and then there wasn't really anything to do. Also I never got a win screen even though I took over everything, and it really would help to make merchants automated.

drakfyre says ...

I suck at this game, but I started to get the hang of it. Really like it!

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