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by SpaceManiac - Competition Entry

** The bugfix ZIP contains the new Asploreheim.exe. Just replace the old one and the fancy road rendering will be gone. **

** Note: If the game crashes or freezes when you log in or capture a hill, quit and try again. If it freezes when capturing a hill, your capture probably still worked. **

Welcome to the kingdom of Asploreheim!

Walk around and declare hills to be yours. It's an MMO type thing with nifty minimapping. You have to register to play.

= Controls =
Arrow keys to move
Space to toggle minimap
Escape to quit & save
Walk onto a hill to claim it (autosaved)
Use mouse to click buttons and adjust flag colors.

Because of the disjoint nature of the game, someone else might have claimed a hill before you get there. You'll know this has happened because when you get there, you won't hear the trumpety noise

= Tools =
Language: C++
Libraries: Allegro, Libcurl, and my Allegro classes (included)
IDE: Code::Blocks
Sound: Sfxr
Music: Stockboy to compose and Audacity to record
Graphics: The GIMP, Paint
Datafile: Allegro Grabber utility

Contact me in IRC if you can do an OS/X or Linux port for me.

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Comments (archive)

Blackduck says ...

Fun game, kind of laggy because of all the flags at the start. Gets quite repetitive eventually.

AtkinsSJ says ...

It seems like a good start, but never really feels 'gamey', unless I've missed something. And yeah, the paths around the middle make it really laggy - perhaps it would work better if hills only drew paths to nearby hills.

C418 says ...

The game is now pretty much completely... uh... flagged up.
At first I thought the brown stuff was a weird kind of background, but after seeing this screenshots, I realized that it's actually paths. As there are lot of flags now, I presume the game is a bit popular? :D

TenjouUtena says ...

Every time someone needs to try a MMO, right? Obviously ambitious, but relatively unfinished. You need some sort of scrolling background to indicate that you should walk outside of the paths.

philomory says ...

This is such an awesome idea, I wished it had actually worked for me. :(

The registration and login went ok, and I loaded the game world and heard the music and could walk around, but as soon as I walked onto an unclaimed hill, asploreheim.exe spiked my CPU and never went down. I had to force quit. When I tried to log in again afterwards, the game immediately crashed on login. Alas.

SonnyBone says ...

This thing killed my internet connection, I think. I logged in and then 3 minutes later my router went down. lol

All joking aside... this is a neat idea, it just doesn't work as well as you'd like.

Covenant says ...

It crashes everytime I move the cursor on top of the button to register and/or login... :(

NiallM says ...

I found it very buggy. Most times it would crash as soon as I hit the login button. As others have said, it could use some kind of background to indicate that you're moving, and it really needs some kind of goal beyond the basic 'flag as many hills as you can' goal. Maybe the ability to build your own castle once you've flagged enough hills?

Wiering says ...

If I try to register, it says Server not found.

pythong says ...

nice idea with the multiplayer

Hempuli says ...

Interesting, though shortlived.

ippa says ...

I want to play without registering, create a test / test account! ;) Or make use of facebook connect ..ppl hate another reg :)

hazman says ...

Awesome idea.

Really buggy.

sirGustav says ...

unable to register and cursor blinked too fast

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