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GSM Productions is a Belgian indie game development team founded by Grungi Ankhfire (Bastien Gorissen) and Sempai (Thomas Stassin), developers, and Meririm (Cindy Durand), pixel artist.
Since then, more people have joined them : Ephy (Christel), computer graphics designers, and Alessa (Pascale), translator and writer.


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Also play our entry on the web or Android!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Friday, December 12th, 2014 5:57 am

Hi all!

Just a quick, shameless promotion update about our entry, A Maze in Space!

Up to now, you could play it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, but we just took the time to export it to a Web version, as well as an Android APK! So if you have not already, you can go have a look! And if you did, and would fancy helping us with some additional feedback, take a shot at the Android build?

That is all folks, good luck with the voting process, and may everyone attain at least 100 coolness! (We’re working on it too, if you want us to play your game, post a link in the comments!)


It’s on for the last day!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 2:23 am

Aloha jammers!

Our team’s ready to roll on this third and last day of rush. Here’s some more achievements of our amazing graphic artists, kudos to them!

Room types of the spaceship :




Your typical game over screen :


And the thing that may bring on quite a few game over screens :



We hope to share with you a gif of the game mechanic soon!

And the title is…

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 7:28 am



And what’s eeeeven cooler, is that our character is animated!

herowalk_up herowalk_down herowalk_rightherowalk_left


Pixels, tiles, spaceman, and all the goody-goodies

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:44 am

Hi, everyone!

The second jamming day has started and we are making good, steady progress with our puzzle game. Still no title, but mechanics and graphics are coming together nicely!

Capture d'écran 2014-12-07 08.40.35

Here’s the puzzle board. The good-looking tiles are yet to be implemented but the basic mechanic is in place. The tiles are regularly falling down and are replaced by others coming from the upper side of the screen. Each tile will be a room through which our character will navigate as well as the robot which will seek to destroy him.


Here’s one of the already designed rooms with our super-swaggy character.


The character & its nemesis.

We’ve also got some cookies for your ears! (ugh, disturbing vision) This is the main BG music for the game :

(Yes, this is the composer’s face, almost big enough to make a high five on it XD)

We’ll be back with more stuff! Cheers!

First morning : let’s get this LD staaarted

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 4:55 am

Time’s flying by! The first half day (Belgian time) of the LD is already behind us! But so far, so good. We had plenty of ideas, and we agreed on a futuristic-themed puzzle game. More details on the game later on!

2014-12-06 08.40.25

Brainstorming during breakfast… Brainfasting?

2014-12-06 09.49.11

The almighty to-do list

2014-12-06 12.47.14

First sketches

LD31: we’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 4:04 am

Except for a hurried half-participation to Last August LD, this will be our first LD since the one which saw Get Well Soon! born, LD27.

But here we go, we are back for the LD31 Jam!


  • Various VST instruments
  • LMMS

Game Engine:

  • Unity 4.6


  • Photoshop
  • Blender 2.68a
  • TVPaint Animation 9.5
  • Gimp 2.8
  • Kryta


  • Sublime Text 3
  • Calc (LibreOffice)
  • Github

Moreover a new graphist will join our little team for the occasion… More info during the LD!

Of games and siren songs…

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 1:40 am

Hello all!

I am writing a bit of a rushed post to tell you about our experience with this (ongoing) Ludum Dare Jam! If you go looking, you will not find a “We are in!” post like we usually write, and for a very good reason : we did not originally plan to participate.

We all had a busy weekend, and felt it was safer to give this one a pass. Until saturday, of course… When we learned the theme, some ideas started forming in our heads, and a simple question, worded as “Say, why are we not doing the Ludum Dare again?” was enough.

The catch : we decided to start around 4pm (Central European time, so like 12 hours after the start of the jam), one of us was away for the remainder of the saturday afternoon, and due to the short notice, we decided to do the jam with only 2 of us. Oh, and we both work today, so that is almost a full day lost again (and for one of us, the evening will be otherwise occupied too), in addition to forcing us to go to sleep on sunday at a reasonable time.

What could possibly go wrong, right?


First progress pictures we shared on Twitter. At that point, we could already switch map, had our movement system in place, and the dialogs were starting to work.

As far as genres go, our game can be categorized as a light puzzler/adventure game. We decided early on that we wanted Zelda-style controls and separation by screen, so we went with that. We also divided the duties between us : one would do the coding, level layout and the music, while the other would draw all the assets (neither of us being artists by trade :p) and help with the puzzle design. So far, this is turning out fine! We have all the assets for our scaled-down (this IS a jam, after all :D) goals, and most of the things are already in place. The levels are more or less design, so we only need to get to town with our tile-based layout tool!

We even have music in the game!

We should be able to finish the game as we envisioned it, since we basically have a little mechanic (buttons that, when you stand on them, open doors, oooooh) to do, and the rest is the level layout. Good times.

Oh, and a name. We still have not decided on that!

And just to give you some more info on our take on the theme, you will play inside 2 “worlds”: the physical, real world (pictured in the screenshots in this post), and a digital world, connecting various parts of the first one. You will have to juggle between 3 characters while doing so, and use all that to solve a couple of very mild puzzles. We of course had more ambitious plans at the beginning (like combat and such), but you know how plans go during a LD : they quickly go out the window :D.

Hopefully, we will be able to post a playable version tonight, and you will all get to enjoy it :) Good luck if you are still jamming, and get some well-deserved rest if you submitted your compo entry already!

-GSM Productions out!


The City, making up the bulk of the “real world”, and the first protagonist of the game.

Get Well Soon! – Post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Saturday, August 31st, 2013 6:40 am

Hey there, GSM Productions here! Figured we might do a little (?) post-mortem about our game, Get Well Soon!, which you can play and rate here (as the ‘our’ makes apparent, it is a jam entry). We will start by quickly describing our idea, then we will do the regular “what went right/wrong” thingy.

The idea

With the theme announced, we started bouncing ideas around. One thing that was quickly apparent from the discussion was that we wanted to make a horror/spooky game. We thought about various way to incorporate the theme into our game, and tried to come up with something less common than making your flashlight after 10 seconds, or making a game you had to complete in 10 seconds or something. Not that we thought those were bad ideas, but in the past we have struggled to come up with somewhat innovative ideas, and we wanted to change that.

When someone in the team said : “Hey, maybe we can have the player move for 10 seconds, and then the monster for 10 seconds”, we knew this was it. We were going to make a turn-based survival-horror, without combat. There were still much to be figured out, but the core concept we wanted to put forward was there.

If you want to see the game in action before reading the proper post-mortem, one of our team members recorded a video commentary of the whole thing, embedded below!

The execution

What went right

  • Unity3D – For the first time, we decided to use Unity3D. And what a good decision that was. I do not think I have to explain to most of you why Unity was a good fit, but let us simply say that it was a real game changer for us, even if we were not too familiar with it. Before, we were using various Python libraries to code our games, and besides packaging and distribution which is a breeze in Unity, we could make use of the powerful capabilities of the engine without having to reinvent the wheel at every turn. This resulted in a massive boost of productivity, and while our devs missed coding in Python, it was worth it.
  • Mood – The final product we submitted nails, in our opinion, the mood we were going for. Everything works as intended to create the creepy mood the story requires. We will go in more details in the following points, but this needed to go near the top of our “went right” list since this is what we were mainly going for, and were so happy with at the end.
  • Audio – The audio work we put into the game is one of the thing that makes it stand out. We managed to include voice acting for the introduction sequence and the ending, and had a couple of ambience tracks to play during the game. We had more content recorded and planned, but you know how game jams go… More on that below. In any case, the time spent on making the audio sound good paid off tremendously, especially for this type of short horror game based on its story.
  • Coding – Even though we had not much experience in both C# and Unity3D, the coding part went very well (but for a big exception detailed below) went very well. The very way Unity is structured helps you make cleaner, more compartalised code. Which led to much less debugging that usual. It was a relief, and helped us push a lot of content into the game with little fuss.
  • Getting everything in the game – Well, kinda. The core experience planned on Saturday morning definitely is in the game. The environment is almost as big as we envisioned, we got a good intro (plus several lines of dialogues post-intro), an ending and the behaviour of our monsters is even a bit more complex than simply following the player around. They roam the level until they see the player, then if they lose sight of said player, they try to investigate the vicinity of the last point they saw him. The environment is full of many objects and details, and we even managed to add an inventory with descriptions and everything. So not only is the game finished from a gameplay standpoint, it is also the fullest game we ever made, period.
  • Executing a vision – Kinda like what we said above, but really, the fact that we had an initial vision, and that we could execute it without really making any compromise on that initial vision feels significant. Either we are getting better at scoping, or we are getting more efficient.

What went wrong

  • Too much content – Simply put, we produced too much content : too many lines of dialogue, too many models… Many of those meant an increased time for something else too, like laying out the levels or putting special triggers in place or something else. While the scope of the game was right, we did too much without knowing yet if we could use everything, and without enough testing to see if everything was working as intended.
  • Git – While we were almost all familiar with Git, its combination with Unity was not as smooth as we had hoped. Even with the new functionality added to Unity free, we still had many, many conflicts and unwanted rollbacks, so much so that one of the devs managed to lose almost all the work he did on Saturday, putting him in a bad mood for quite a while. This is really the main point we need to improve for next time. Without all the fuss created by having to solve conflicts and keep everyone in sync, we could have given more time to…
  • Polish and testing – While we think the game has good production values, it is still very rough along the edges. It really came together quite late, so there are objects without collision geometry, some textures that did not appear, a lack of explanations of the main mechanic, no way to skip the intro cutscene, a bug in the main menu, a game over screen that is way too long… All kinds of things that detract from the experience and that could have been solved without next to no effort if we had juste a bit more time. The game is also pretty random, and the balance would have greatly benefited from even a little bit of testing and tweaking. But again, time was short, and we only had the complete game before us right when exporting it for submission. That ties with too much content, but we needed to set aside some time for testing, which we could not. Again something we should be wary of.


All in all, the game far exceeded our hopes by matching the idea we had of it. Usually, we end the Ludum Dare with that strange sentiment that yes, it is awesome that you made a game, but how great would it have been to add this or that… Here, we are fully satisfied with the result, and the comments we are currently getting (thanks for playing everyone!) seem to confirm that. And this feeling, no matter the final placement of our little game, is something priceless. We feel proud of having played to our strengths and to have come out of top, for the first time really. As a team, we think it shows that we are maturing, and starting to know how to work together better. Hopefully to your enjoyment!

That is it, we are out, and if have a handful of minutes to spare, please try and rate our game and leave us a comment telling us how you felt about it! Take care!

Contact us

Send us an email at [email protected] or visit www.gsmproductions.com !

Between intervals of collective laughing fits (it’s the third day, we’re tired.. like, really tired!), we’re working hard, and considering the results, it’s totally worth it!

Our survival horror game is slowly getting there, and we’ll probably be on time. That is, if we do not experience again the HUGE problems with Git that we encountered yesterday and this morning…hum. They almost made our developpers shed some tears, true story.

Now, off with the new screenshots :


The floors of the hospital have been populated with all kinds of furniture

Here's to the beautifully implemented inventory, yaaaay!

Here’s to the beautifully implemented inventory, yaaaay!

The monsters now have a texture aaand.. a flashlight

The monsters now have a texture aaand.. a flashlight

Splash screen : the GSM Prods' logo, creepy vintage version

Splash screen : the GSM Prods’ logo, creepy vintage version. When I think of it, those two kinda look like our developpers on a 3rd jamming day (and this probably signs my last day in the GSM team too).

The game intro will be graphic-novel-style, yo!

The game intro will be graphic-novel-style, yo!


More creepy screenshots

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 6:09 am

Second day of game jam frenzy, time for a quick update.

The first version of the gameplay is more or less finished, the dialogs have been written, many 3D objects have been designed,  as well as most of the GUI. And we’ve also been doing some voice acting (that’s a first!).

Here, have a glimpse of the gameplay design process and result (unfortunately a static one..) :

Look at this little fellow down there, that's one of our still un-textured monsters

Look at this little fellow down there, that’s one of our still un-textured monsters


"I may look stupid pretending to be a plane, but I'm gonna fiiind youuuuu"

“I may look stupid pretending to be a plane, but I’m gonna fiiind youuuuu”


One of the piece of furniture giving our designers some hard work

One of the pieces of furniture giving our designers some hard work


This will be the basis for the inventory screen

This will be the basis for the inventory screen

Now, back to work!

Time’s flying by, it’s already the evening of the first jamming day here in Belgium! But no pressure – yet – ’cause things are going smoothly.

We’ve got some screenshots of the level design in progress to show you :


Looking good! Well… an intended creepy kind of good!

Houhouhou, can you feel the shivers down your spine?

Houhouhou, can you feel the shivers down your spine?

Now, a word about the gameplay.

Our character will wake up in a deserted hospital and will have to try to find a way out. She (yes, the hero is a woman) will soon be aware that she’s not alone : strange humanoid beings are looming around the place, attracted by sound, light and, of course, the character’s movements if in their vision.

The gameplay twist lies in the fact that our character can move and act during 10 seconds (there you have it!) while the monsters can’t move, and when the time’s over, it switches… And the player won’t be able to hurt the monster in anyway, if you get caught… game over. Of course, we will do our best to find the right balance for the difficulty level, the monsters shouldn’t be too quick for instance.

Scary, right? At least we hope it’ll be at least a liiiittle bit stressful.

Concerning the storyline, let’s not unveil everything here… Here’s the beginning from our character’s mouth :

“It was 5 months ago… I think. 5 months ago that the accident happened. We were driving in the night, back from a holiday trip. The girls were sleeping in the back while Jason and I were pounding about getting some rest in the next motel we’d find on the road. The truck seemed to come out of nowhere. They told me the driver was asleep when he hit us. I can still hear the scream of our beautiful baby girls… and Jason…

I stayed in a coma for two months, hanging between life and death. Had I known what happened, I would have gladly chosen the latter, but God clearly had other plans…

My physical remission was quick, according to the doctors, but they worried about my mental health. They considered me suicidal, and having no remaining relatives alive, they didn’t trust me to go back to my life, or what little was left of it. Instead they sent me to the GSM rehabilitation center. And truth is, I didn’t care enough for my life to protest.”


Well, well well… to be continued…


Title, storyline, concept… check!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:42 am

Hello, dear fellow jammers!

First progress report of our merry little Belgian team!


We gathered this morning for the usual intensive brainstorming session, and we came up with a survival horror concept. Pretty exciting! But we won’t uncover our gameplay idea just yet (who doesn’t love a pinch of suspense, right?). Let’s just say that I felt stressed just talking about it, hopefully our players will be as impressionable as I am (if that’s possible..).

Our game will be called…. (drumroll)…. “Get well soon”

And the story will imply an accident, a disused rehabilitation center, and a pretty creepy path to recovery.

We’ll try to post some visuals soon, to give you a glimpse of the mood we try to set.

Good luck to everyone!!

P.S. Would you be interested to see more pictures from our (most of the time) hardworking team, you can follow us on instagram.

GSMProds: we’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 7:31 am

And we’re in for the Jam once again! With the same team than last time


  • Linux MultiMedia Studio
  • SFXR
  • ZynAddSubFX

Game Engine

  • Unity 3D 4.2


  • Blender 2.68a
  • Gimp 2.8
  • Photoshop


  • Calc (LibreOffice)
  • Github
  • Sublime Text 2.02
  • Gedit

And yeah, we’re going 3D, guys! Let’s start this!

Post numbaaa 3

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Monday, April 29th, 2013 7:05 am

Hello again jammers!

Loads of progresses have been made since yesterday (one should hope so with all these hours sitting in front of our screens, right?).

The graphics are mostly finished, as well as the sounds and musics. The battles are slowly becoming playable, with spells, items, and other fancy stuff! We’re also done with the maps’ design.

We’re actually hoping to submit our entry ON TIIIIME! (no kidding)

So, here’s for the juicy previews.

The musics, courtesy of Bastien : follow this link.

A battle’s screenshot :

Screenshot from 2013-04-29 14:54:20


Our heroes look kind of stoned in front of that big scary monsters. Hahaha.

The admirable credits full of people that worked admirably on this admirable game (and are still very much doing so).

Screenshot from 2013-04-29 15:55:09


Whoopsidaisies, I almost forgot to include our mascot in one of our posts.

I'm fine, thank you. And you?

I’m fine, thank you. And you?


“Outside the box” taking shape

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 3:18 am

Hello darers!

Our game has a name (hurray!) AND graphics (yay!) AND an ever-growing code behind it (yippie!) AND some music (Woooot!).

Everyone is working hard to make it a success, and so far, I must say things are looking good for us!

What will “Outside the box” be like? Nope, I heard you at the back, not a puzzle as the title could suggest, but a good ol’ J-RPG.

The story :

Everything begins in the small village of N among which live our two main protagonists : Nel and Nod. They’re both youngsters and are surrounded by adults scolding them all the time, telling them to respect conforming rules they don’t agree with.

Those two have friends, Nus and Nad, for whom the big day as come : the day of their coming of age ceremony. N the Wise, head of the village, directs the ceremony and forbids anyone to reveal what’s truly behind it.

When Nus and Nad’s ceremony is over, Nod and Nel undertstand the ceremony is not just a symbolic tradition : it changes people, it turns them into the exact copy of all the other grown-ups in the village, without a personnality, discarding ‘friendship’ as something unimportant. Nel and Nod know that if they stay, they’ll have no choice but to go through the ceremony, so there’s only one solution : escape, and find a better place to live.

(…to be continued)

Some pics :









GSM Productions : we’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @gsm_productions)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 4:02 am

Helllllow fellow jammers!

Kind of late first post, but that’s how hard we’re working on our game. (Maybe.)

And let’s make it a minimalist one (ha ha) just to introduce our jolly little team.

Our developers :





Our graphic designers :





The dialogs’ writer and yours truly :



We’ll tell you everything about our game very soon!

A special big up to everyone jamming from our time zone (Europe, Belgium) !

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