MiniLD #72: elympics

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February 17th, 2017 5:13 am

MiniLD #72: elympics

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Ludum Dare 38 is getting closer every day. But first, let’s do another MiniLD!

Do you remember arcade games in dodgy cafes, dedicated amusement arcades or, as in my case, the local ferry? Games that were brutally hard and designed to eat your quarters, but they all had one thing in common: a high score leaderboard! Of course, getting your name on that leaderboard would be a sign of awesomeness.

What’s the theme?
For this MiniLD, I wanted to do something with high scores, so I’ve decided to call the theme “elympics” (sorry, but I can’t resist a bad pun). The aim is simply to make a game where you end up with a score that can be submitted to a leaderboard. What kind of score is up to you – the game could be a speedrun, a time-limited trial or simply a “collect the most points” type of challenge.

I have designed a simple API that your game may use to submit scores, and the idea is to show all the high scores of participating games on a single page. Of course, you can skip that part and just have a leaderboard internally in your game, but it would be fun if people would join in and submit scores to the API.

The theme is not meant to be restricting games to Olympic events, but if you want to use that as inspiration, go ahead! Remember that the Olympic games are ancient and that many events have disappeared since the ancient games started around 776 BC. Some examples are tug-of-war, firefighting and running while wearing armour.

When is the deadline?
This is February’s MiniLD, so you have until the end of the month. This post was published Friday 17th, so that’s around 11 days in total. For completeness, the deadline is Tuesday February 28th, 24:00 AoE (UTC-12).

Update: I’ll leave the submission open until there’s a new MiniLD/as long as possible :)

Are there prizes?
Nope – except fame and improving your gamedev skills!

What do I do?
Make a game, any game! If you want to submit high scores and have your leaderboard on the official page, go to to register your game and to find details about the API where you can submit scores.

All the leaderboards from games that utilize the high score API will be displayed at

Good luck and have fun!

74 Responses to “MiniLD #72: elympics”

  1. Geckoo1337 says:

    Interesting. I am in. But there is no password for leaderboard ?

  2. simple32 says:

    So if we got “OK” back from the /submitHighscore url, that should mean our leaderboard should work after the deadline passes?

  3. pixzleone says:

    Wow awesome! I’m going away for a couple of days, but when I get back I’ll try to make something for this!

  4. Do we have to use the provided scoreboard system? Whenever I enter scores it just shows the text “OK”. I am presuming this is because it is not open yet?

  5. LeXas says:

    I’ve never participated in any game jam. Where do I submit my Game?

  6. ButteredGames says:

    I did it!

  7. PhiPhi72 says:

    This is an awesome thing you did there! The first thing when reading the description was “how the hell am I gonna host a leaderboard?” Then you dropped the A bomb (with the API) and I got blown away. I’m so happy that you provided this opportunity for us to make games and have leaderboards in them. Thank you very much. And as kind of an appreciation now I must enter your MiniLD ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you again, you are awesome!

  8. jsmars says:

    Wow great idea! I really wish I had the time to submit a game for this. I’ve had highscores for all my latest LD submissions as I think it adds a lot to the experience. It would be a great idea to have such a system in place for all future LD’s.. but I guess that would require a bit of work.

  9. BoltKey says:

    I’m in! I hope I can finish in time and get the API to work.

  10. mcburrobit says:

    In-ish, depending on other workload :(

    The best olympic events are obviously town planning, held from 1928 in Amsterdam to 1948 in London and mixed sculpturing, from 1912 in Stockholm till the 1924 games in Paris.

  11. Bloodsand says:

    This is the first time I’ll be participating in a Game Jam. Looking forward to submit my game and be destroyed by the internet feedback… LOL. But seriously, really excited about being part of it.

  12. gordebak says:

    I didn’t use the API in my entry, but gave a link with my key. I hope people submit their real scores. The game was so small, I couldn’t bring myself to add some net code. It’s less than 200 loc.

  13. Stuntddude says:

    Could I submit a game that I originally made for a previous MiniLD and have since updated and added a leaderboard to?

    • dollarone says:

      hey, you can do whatever you want :)

      however the main intention with MiniLDs is to make new games, so I’d encourage you to do that! Perhaps a sequel or an improved version of your previous game?

  14. tGiant says:

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the service.
    Anyway you can add filter code to the getHighScores() to not return duplicate username entries only the highest?

  15. tGiant says:

    Sweet, you are amazing dollarone.
    Thanks for that. I will try it out for sure.

  16. gordebak says:

    Leaderboards page is currently down. Is there a problem?

  17. Robinerd says:

    Just a heads up on the format=text option for getting scores, which seems to return the string quotes and literal \n as text. Did you update it intentionally? If so I’ll update my app. Thanks for great work on the API!

  18. Linus123xbb says:

    Just submitted my game, seems like the leaderboard site is down right now though. Also I accidentally added a bunch of duplicates to my leaderboard and it looks very messy right now, could you perhaps remove the scores so it is clean from start, thanks.

  19. gordebak says: is down.

  20. stadoblech says:

    Wow… i made it 5 minutes before deadline… it was my first serious deadline runner (i preffer to stay calmed and relaxed and have work done way before deadline ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  21. BenJoe72 says:

    I think I won’t make the deadline, but I want to finish this game.
    Will this API be open after the MiniLD is finished?

  22. dollarone says:

    Yes it will! I will also leave the submissions open as long as possible :)

  23. yzwijsen says:

    my game (Horde) isn’t showing up on the leaderboards page yet, could you have a look dollarone?

  24. automatonvx says:

    Hey dollar one, if its not too much of a pain could you reset the scores for my game schmup trainer. I resubmitted and reduced the number of enemies and other stuff so its not possible to reach the same high scores anymore. Also most of the entries are just me testing.. thanks. Also I fixed teh bug you spotted with it submitting the score twice. Thanks

  25. kfischer_okarin says:

    Can you also please add my game “Don’t Push Me”?

  26. automatonvx says:

    So if the submission is staying open for a while I suppose it wouldn’t be considered breaking any rules to keep resubmitting updated versions with major (non bug fix) changes? What do people think?
    Whether anyone can be bothered to keep replaying them is a different question.

  27. HuvaaKoodia says:

    Hi dollarone.
    I registered Hostile Hyper Jump to the leaderboards. Not sure if any of the GET requests are getting through as it’s not showing up. Can you check please?

  28. HellowPixl says:

    When will the next MiniLD Start?!

  29. animanegra says:

    ยฟยฟThere is any way to limit the number of scores?? I mean in the query. :) As the number of players grows also the data received does. :)

  30. alexander_3 says:

    Hi dollarone
    Great stuff โ€“ could you share some of your work on our
    Weโ€™re a small community of digital making enthusiasts from Poland and the UK. We amaze at the response you get to your games.

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