Super Tower Defence World

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December 2nd, 2015 7:52 am

I really liked the theme for miniLD63. Immediately, several ideas started forming in my head. I guess a lot of games are fusions of two (or more!) games or genres, but thinking about fusions explicitly generated some new ideas straight away (and now, looking at the submitted games, is very inspiring, too!).

For some time I have been thinking of doing some kind of a Tower Defence game, so I started thinking about how I could add that to the mix. Most TD-games are top-down views where you place your towers and wait for the wave -style games. Having made some platformers over the last few months (mostly for the one hour game jam), I started thinking how a TD game would look if merged with the 2D side-view of a platformer, and thus Super Tower Defence World was born!

As usual, I started dreaming up lots of advanced features and cool ideas that could be added to this game: multiple levels, Super Mario -style, with different “Towers” that can spawn creatures or shoot out bombs or even generate jumping fishes or 16-ton “thumpers” that are a feature of most Super Mario (or similar) games.

But again, as usual, as the deadline crept closer, I realised that my goal should be to just finish the most basic version of the game that is functional and hopefully playable from a UI/UX point of view. And that’s what I have submitted – check it out at my miniLD63 game page!

Super Tower Defence World

I do want to continue development of this game. I think it would be a lot more interesting with different towers and creeps and player-types (from a basic “will only jump to avoid dying” to “player similar to elite gamer who will keep alive at all cost and backtrack if needed”) and extras such as powerups and other cool features.

Please do play my game and leave any feedback you might have! And watch my blog’s game page to follow further development of the game!


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