Ludum Dare 34 in 3.5 Weeks! Theme Selection micro-site is Live!

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
November 17th, 2015 12:11 pm

EDIT: Ending Soon!

Hey everyone!

We’ve just launched the Theme Selection micro-site. We’ll be using it for the next 3 and a half weeks to help us decide the Theme of the upcoming Ludum Dare event. To get started, click here:

** IMPORTANT **: Login problems should now be fixed! Sorry for the trouble!


I’ve tried to make it as straightforward as possible. Click above, click the Login button, and you’re good to go.

Roughly each week we’ll be kicking off a new phase. To start, we’ll be taking Theme Suggestions for the next week and a half. Then on Saturday the 28th, we’ll switch to the next phase, the Theme Slaughter. There’s more coming up the weekend of December 5th, but we’ll get to that then.

If you’re familiar with Ludum Dare events, the new Theme Selection site mirrors what you’re used to. We take Suggestions, Slaughter themes to find the top 80, do 4 days of daily Theme Voting, take the top 20 and do Voting for 2 more days, until we finally Announce the Theme on December 11th (or December 12th, depending on your time zone).

All of this is new code, running on the new servers. We’re doing a lot of bleeding edge stuff here, running the latest version of a lot of software. This also acts as a stress test, especially once Theme Announcements roll around, I really want to know if the new server and software can SURVIVE announcement time. πŸ˜€

I’ll do post talking about the nitty gritty details a bit later, but a summary: 2 main servers (website, database server), 2 database backup nodes (one in Paris, on in my home). Ubuntu + OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 + PHP 7 + MariaDB 10.1 (with Galera cluster). Oh, and the main servers are Intel VPS servers, and the backup nodes are dedicated ARM servers. All for about $25/mo (versus the ~$200/mo for the old server). Depending on load, it may eventually get bumped to $45/mo.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, and everyone that helped Beta Test the site.

NEW: 3 Theme Suggestions per user

Something else we’re trying, we’ve set a limit on the number of themes each user can suggest. Initially it was going to be 10 themes, but after some impromptu polling, a surprising number of people thought it should be much lower.





There were a few additional polls. You can see them all on our Twitter account.

So yes, it wasn’t an overwhelming majority, but it was enough to convince me we should try it.


We’ll be running the event itself here on the old WordPress site. I had really hoped we’d be running on the new website by now, but alas, it’s just not ready.

I made the call a few weeks ago that the main site itself wasn’t going to be ready, but we had to do something. It would have been a real shame to go another Ludum Dare with nothing new to use. Since the Theme Selection process is somewhat standalone, that seemed a reasonable compromise. I hope you agree. :)

Thanks again everyone for your patience. Ludum Dare 34 starts soon!

89 Responses to “Ludum Dare 34 in 3.5 Weeks! Theme Selection micro-site is Live!”

  1. OkaDoka says:

    Curious if there is a way we can see the other suggestions prior to Slaughter. If not that’s fine just curious.

  2. Greg Klein says:

    Can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to do another game jam before the Global Game Jam.

  3. berkano says:

    This really looks lovely Mike and was very easy to use. Nice job!

  4. @PoV, the new site is really smart, easy and smooth. Good work! ++

    @SpringCabal, I am not on twitter myself, bet I am not alone so that figure will be higher.

  5. timtipgames says:

    Do these twitter polls reach enough of the LD participants who would like to share their opinion on these questions? Can you share info on the number of votes?
    Will this way of voting be a “thing” to impact/decide changes?

  6. eemmbbeerr says:

    Do not really like the part where we’re voting about such matters on Twitter.
    I don’t like that medium the slightest and I don’t know how many of LD participants take part in Twittering and whether that group represents all LDgoers well enough.
    Of course we could have a vote of where we should vote… but… Y’know where do we do THAT vote? :)

    • PoV says:

      Yes, if the poll was for something that mattered, I would have done it another way. I don’t consider this that big of a change. I was going to use 5 or 10 anyway. It merely revealed that 3 was a worthwhile candidate too. I initially didn’t think people would be okay with such a low number.

  7. oxysoft says:

    doesn’t work in firefox :/

  8. sydan says:

    I am receiving a white page at in Google Chrome on Windows 10 :/

  9. psema4 says:

    Google Chrome 45 (Linux amd64); can see the theme page but am unable to login; an exception is being shown in devtools console: “Uncaught ReferenceError: DoLogout is not defined”

  10. GanonsSpirit says:

    Nothing happens when I click login, in either Chrome or Firefox.

  11. OnlySlightly says:

    After I log in it, still just shows the login button. Clicking on it just refreshes the page. I tried in Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

  12. natechen says:

    Hmm…I posted a comment about the problem with login button around 1:55 pm, but it isn’t here. I guess something was wrong with the server at that time.

    I had the login button keeps refreshing the page problem too, but now it’s gone. Maybe it’s because I closed the window and re-opened it?

  13. txster says:

    Registered ok, can login to the main site, but the theme site’s Login button does nothing.

    If I logout, reload the theme site and click login I do get the WP login and that works, but I get back to a non working login button on the theme site.

    Do I need to get approved via an “I’m in” post before I can submit? πŸ˜›

  14. Weeping Rupee says:

    I cannot seem to Login to the micro-site to vote for a theme. I click Login and nothing happens. Any ideas? I tried with chrome, mozilla, and explorer…

  15. Elit3dGaming says:

    Getting login failed when I press on login button on my end and my details are right… hmm

  16. Getting “Login failed”, consistently.

  17. PhiPhi72 says:

    DONE! I’ve done my best. I have no idea for my own themes but they are sooooo gud πŸ˜€

  18. >>Getting β€œLogin failed”, consistently.

    Me too. Logged into the main site properly. cannot login to the theme voting site no matter what.

    Chrome / OSX (will try some other browsers)

  19. Magically worked and I have no idea why.

  20. schizoid2k says:

    Can’t login either

  21. omaha says:

    +1 Cannot login to theme site. This is my first visit to the main or theme sites in many weeks.

  22. PoV says:

    Thanks for the reports everyone!

    It sounds like everybody that’s having issues is getting the “Login Failed” error. Investigating…

  23. unitycoder_com says:

    Worked for me on saturday if pressed F12 (opens debugger window) and go to network tab (enable network logging if its not on), and then click login..

  24. The Red Chef says:

    Took a bit of refreshing the page, but eventually it let me login. Can’t wait to being the slaughter! πŸ˜‰

  25. Afendar says:

    I have “Login Failed” error… I want to add suggestions !!! snif

  26. Limiting the number of suggestion is a great idea, it will help cut down the number immensely

  27. Oh and atm I also get a login-error :(

  28. seraphsword says:

    Login Failed on both Chrome and Safari in Yosemite.

  29. Elrobo says:

    Getting login failed on chrome, can login on main page fine. On the theme page I tried and I think it just saved my wrong pw. Now when I click login it just says failed but won’t let me re-enter info.

  30. PoV says:

    Okay! Should be fixed now!

  31. hexagore says:

    Does the micro-site keep secretly adding a day to the ‘this round ends in’ date and time? I feel like I’m going mad because every time I’ve checked it for the last 3 days it’s said something like, 1 day, blah hours? Maybe the countdown is messed up?

  32. hexagore says:

    Also exciting new bug! On OSX, on a retina display. If I’m logged into the micro-site and then open a new tab and just type in the URL and go to it, everything is super zoomed in – see screenshot!

  33. Game Maker Tom says:

    I’m in! This is my first ludum dare or any game jam for that matter. This is finally my chance to show the world my games, and I wont hold back for anyone.

  34. mpahrens says:

    bug maybe: On chrome, mac air, El Capitan
    When going to the link you provided from twitter for theme slaughter:
    being logged out, it brought me to the theme main page with the login button
    I pressed the login button
    It brought me to the WP login page
    I logged in
    It brought me back to the theme suggestion page with the “this has already ended” like text.
    the Header link to “slaughter” is disabled.
    I closed the browser tab
    Clicked the link again
    brought me to slaughter correctly.

  35. t4u says:

    I really hope there would be a LD having as suggested themes only the names of evergreen songs.

  36. Alberto says:

    Any chance you’d list the number of themes to vote on? I stopped after a while but would be nice to know how many more I had left to go.

  37. Gjarble says:

    Found a bug. It happened kinda fast, so this may not be an accurate retelling, but: At one point, I had voted “This is not the end” as a bad theme. About 10-15 themes later, I had a change of heart, and decided to edit it to good. After voting on each theme, there is a small lag period before the next theme is loaded, which can occasionally be several seconds long. I believe, but am not 100% positive, that I was trying to edit my vote for “This is not the end” during the lag period, so the next theme was still loading. At any rate, as I voted it good, the next theme (“He was in here raving”) loaded, so my good vote was applied to that theme instead. I would’ve voted that theme as bad, so I edited it. After I was done editing, I noticed two things: “He was in here raving” was still the current theme for me to vote on, despite my existing vote for it being at the top of the list, and “This is not the end” was no longer in the list of previously-voted themes (which, at the time, extended to the beginning of my vote history, so I knew it wasn’t just pushed off the list by being too old). I voted bad again, which gave me two duplicate votes for the same theme, and my vote for “This is not the end” was still gone. After all this (and a few more votes), I exited and reentered the page to see if the duplicate vote had been fixed or if “This is not the end” had reappeared. The duplicate vote was now gone (correctly replaced with just one vote), but unfortunately, the page had just been updated so the Recent Themes list cuts off after ten themes, so I could not see if “This is not the end” had reappeared, as it was too far off the bottom of the list.

    I’m using Firefox on an Android phone, if that matters.

  38. KaiseanGames says:

    It seems that some people are already slaughteering themes, judging by the comments here. I seem to be stuck on ‘next round will start soon’… Am I missing something?

  39. masterboth says:

    I hate to report more bugs since it looks like you have been dealing with those for a while, but I can comfirmed hexagore’s bug where everything is super-zoomed in

    Tried on Firefox 42.0 on a mac El Capitan (10.11.1)

  40. Didi says:

    Hi, how it works? Have to tel I’m in or just submit a game in time?

  41. ludovanorden says:

    Hey guys, I’d like to join LD 34 with some friends, should we sign up somewhere or can we just submit our game at the deadline?

    • Stuntddude says:

      There’s no official registration, just submit your game before the deadline. Plenty of people do make “I’m in” posts announcing their participation (in fact the main page is already full of them), so feel free to join in if you want, but it’s purely optional.

  42. Icarusgreene says:

    I’m in!

  43. Game Maker Tom says:

    I’m in!!!

  44. neil89 says:

    I’m in! Yay!

  45. Baecun says:

    I’m in! First LD ever, I’m sure it will be a blast πŸ˜€

  46. Game Maker Tom says:

    One Hour Remains

  47. Ayaya33 says:

    I’m in! First LudumDare for me, hopefully I can remember how to just like make game.

  48. michael-car says:

    Shout out to anyone in San Diego. There is a hackathon for high school students at Saturday , December 19th in the Francis Parker High School (6501 Linda Vista Rd. 92111). Here is the website The theme is education for the modern world, and teams of 3-5 students will compete for over $10,000 in prizes. The event is completely free!

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