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May 3rd, 2015 11:17 am

Hello all!

Well its been a couple of weeks and I have played and rated 127 Games. I have stopped now and decided upon my top ten for LD32!


Each year I am waiting for a game that takes me by surprise, does something interesting or simply gives me a strong emotional reaction. Below are ten that do multiple of these. I am still yet to see a game that has impressed me more than “Our God Lives Underground” by Andrew Shouldice for LD29. For now that is still the champion in my eyes, but I am sure one day a game will appear in LD to top it.

So, onto LD32 and my personal top 10! (In no particular order). This year was tough and a I had a hard time getting it down from 20 to 13. Taking out the last three entries was so difficult I spent an hour playing them all again. Honourable mentions go out to Quiet Riot, So Long Space Hero and Flippin Nukes who were all great entries

BUT there can be only ten in my top ten SO, without any further waffling, here are my personal top 10! who each win THIS AWARD –  TOP1032 on their LD profiles :)

Underground Hangovers

This game is a rare mix of quality visuals and gameplay with a strong aesthetic and nice design. Very impressed by this.


Slam Jam Bakery

Blown away by this entry to be honest. a 48hour compo by a single person, incredible visuals, superb audio and solid gameplay. Outshines most jam entries! Most of all, incredibly fun and then challenging on the hard level.


The Magical Piano Flute

Unexpected is my word for this game. Solid entry, play the first few minutes and you discover a much deeper game after some initial genius.



Good solid all-rounder here. Does what it does well, good audio and visuals. Plays very well


Operator 42

Had a soft spot for this one as it reminded me of my entry but executed in a much stronger way. Excellent humor, timing and gameplay fit together well.



A Visual treat with some nice design and mechanics. The Lollipop is used for great effect and despite not being finished, there is enough there to entertain.


Heist Time

This game has a great core mechanic that can be built upon and played with. Loved the implementation on this one and use of in-world information instead of UI.


Flail Rider

This is a visually polished game with a really fun core mechanic. Not much depth to it, but it doesn’t need it. so much fun to play!


Alien Crab in the Ghostmaze

I still want to go back and finish this. A game with some great humor that keeps you playing with that “one more go!” feeling. Excellent.


A Gun that Shoots Bees

From the super talented ShaunJS comes an incredible entry. Polished visuals, audio and gameplay make this an excellent entry that stands above a lot of others. Could be a full title in its own right.



And that is it for me and LD32! I will check back over the next few days for comments etc and also to see the voting in a few weeks, but for now… I have other games to make!


Thanks for all your comments on my entries and DM’s/Mentions on twitter (@XopsX) See you all for LD33!






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