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November 28th, 2014 8:18 am

Does anyone know the distribution of different OSs and versions in use by LD participants?┬áSpecifically, I’m wondering if it’s worth the extra hassle of me supporting DirectX 9 (compatible with Windows XP) or sticking with DX11 (Windows 7 and up), but I’d also be interested to see how popular each platform is.

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  1. dalbinblue says:

    I noticed on recent previous Ludum dares enough comments of people having issues running XNA games with the HiDef profile which is DirectX 10+, but no one complaining when using the DirectX 9 “reach” profile, so I would say there is a good number of people stuck on DirectX 9 hardware. As a note it might not just be that they are on Windows XP but they might be emulating or running windows in a virtual machine many of which only support up to DirectX 9, or are on older hardware that can’t handle the higher requirements of more recent versions of DirectX. To be safe I would suggest sticking with DirectX 9 if you could, but if you need or want to use the newer features, don’t let comparability hold you back; you’re here to have fun.

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