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August 25th, 2014 1:40 am

Hello all!

I am writing a bit of a rushed post to tell you about our experience with this (ongoing) Ludum Dare Jam! If you go looking, you will not find a “We are in!” post like we usually write, and for a very good reason : we did not originally plan to participate.

We all had a busy weekend, and felt it was safer to give this one a pass. Until saturday, of course… When we learned the theme, some ideas started forming in our heads, and a simple question, worded as “Say, why are we not doing the Ludum Dare again?” was enough.

The catch : we decided to start around 4pm (Central European time, so like 12 hours after the start of the jam), one of us was away for the remainder of the saturday afternoon, and due to the short notice, we decided to do the jam with only 2 of us. Oh, and we both work today, so that is almost a full day lost again (and for one of us, the evening will be otherwise occupied too), in addition to forcing us to go to sleep on sunday at a reasonable time.

What could possibly go wrong, right?


First progress pictures we shared on Twitter. At that point, we could already switch map, had our movement system in place, and the dialogs were starting to work.

As far as genres go, our game can be categorized as a light puzzler/adventure game. We decided early on that we wanted Zelda-style controls and separation by screen, so we went with that. We also divided the duties between us : one would do the coding, level layout and the music, while the other would draw all the assets (neither of us being artists by trade :p) and help with the puzzle design. So far, this is turning out fine! We have all the assets for our scaled-down (this IS a jam, after all :D) goals, and most of the things are already in place. The levels are more or less design, so we only need to get to town with our tile-based layout tool!

We even have music in the game!

We should be able to finish the game as we envisioned it, since we basically have a little mechanic (buttons that, when you stand on them, open doors, oooooh) to do, and the rest is the level layout. Good times.

Oh, and a name. We still have not decided on that!

And just to give you some more info on our take on the theme, you will play inside 2 “worlds”: the physical, real world (pictured in the screenshots in this post), and a digital world, connecting various parts of the first one. You will have to juggle between 3 characters while doing so, and use all that to solve a couple of very mild puzzles. We of course had more ambitious plans at the beginning (like combat and such), but you know how plans go during a LD : they quickly go out the window :D.

Hopefully, we will be able to post a playable version tonight, and you will all get to enjoy it :) Good luck if you are still jamming, and get some well-deserved rest if you submitted your compo entry already!

-GSM Productions out!


The City, making up the bulk of the “real world”, and the first protagonist of the game.

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