I’m In, I guess…

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August 16th, 2014 3:24 am

Not sure if I should do¬† it, but then again it’s not like anything else is going to be happening during the days. That’s why I’m going to give this a shot this time.

I’ve done a few Jams before (GMC Jam) but they were 3 days and with a friend. LD seems scarier… So many entries… So few days… No friend…

What will I use…

My computer, with Windows 7

GameMaker:Studio w/ HTML5, for ease of creation and export and all that. With (potentially) a bit of Notepad++ if I need to extend it with some fancy Javascripts.

Photoshop or Paint.NET for graphics, or maybe just that GM built in one. Might also use AutoTileGen if I need some tiles and want them automatically.

sfxr, bfxr, and maybe even jfxr for the sound effects.

This music generating thing that I found on Google (That’s allowed right? If it’s not my game might sound terrible). Maybe with a bit of Audacity-ing to make it work better.

My preexisting code needs to be public shared yes? Well it’s been online for a while now, here are the links:

Dialog Engine

Inventory Engine

Those slightly modified and combined with a bit of basic walking stuff

Good luck to all, and I hope I don’t do too badly…

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