Blender and Unity Workflow Part 2 is up!

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May 5th, 2014 12:37 pm


Part 2 of my tutorial series on beginner Blender modeling and getting it to behave with Unity is up! This part is mainly about setting up a good starting file, and it also goes into some detail about how Blender works and some basic controls. I made sure to include lots of screenshots with these tutorial posts, so you won’t get lost at any point!


I created Sail using this process, so if you like my style of low-poly graphics and are wondering how on earth I made the models, UV’d, textured, rigged, and animated them all in 48 hours, you might be interested in this series! I’m trying to crank out a post per day for the next week, each covering a different aspect of the workflow.


Open up Blender. If it’s your first time using it (or you haven’t changed the defaults), a scene will open with a cube, a light, and a camera. These are all a part of a default startup file that loads when Blender opens or when you hit File->New. If you were to jump right in and make that cube into a model and load it into Unity, the camera and light will be imported also, creating a messy file and more work for you since you’ll have to delete them in every model that you import. So let’s create a better startup file, and learn a bit about Blender controls along the way!

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