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Thought we’d dodge the deadline rush and post about our first ever Ludum Dare entry today.

Introducing… Shanghai

title_screen   Shanghai In-game


How to Play 
1. Drag colored tickets into a spy slot at the top of the Grid 
2. Match the colors to Foreign Agents by drawing a path 
3. Making matches earns cash and pleases the embassies 
4. Don’t let the embassy flags hit the bottom or it’s game over 


Our take on Beneath the Surface
Honestly we were not thrilled with the theme at first, but after some brainstorming we got excited. Our primary goal was to avoid Underground and Underwater since that’s what we assumed most people would be doing… and we didn’t like the aesthetic of either for our own game ideas.



So we looked at ideas for things Beneath the Surface, and society/psychology came up quite a lot. The Wizard of Oz style of a mysterious man behind the scenes pulling the strings of a city was something we really liked the idea of, so we went further with that.

Living in China, we see and hear a lot about corruption. Both Chris and myself have both wanted to make a ‘China game’, going a little bit political in a place where political views are generally ignored or frowned upon. The theme of city corruption and China just felt perfect for that.



Chris reminded me of the Ang Lee movie ‘Lust, Caution‘ which showed a glamorous Shanghai aesthetic set in the 1940s. We felt this was exciting and the idea of undermining your city for monetary gain fit with the history of foreign powers in Shanghai taking advantage of weak local government. Read about the aftermath of the Opium Wars and the Boxer’s Rebellion for an exciting look at China’s past.

So that’s the backstory. Over the judging period we’ll do some post mortem and making-of style stuff to share our experience. For now, please let us know what you think of the game!



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