Welcome to Ludum Dare 28!

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December 11th, 2013 10:19 pm

Hello and brrr! Welcome to the 28th gamedev crazyfest known as Ludum Dare!

Final Round Theme Voting has begun! The highest rated themes from Rounds 1-4 have been collected here for a final battle. Who will win is up to you.


Enough chatter, lets move on to the keynote!


Keynoting Ludum Dare 28 is the one, the only, the Dezzles. You might know him from his potato and LDTD campaigning the past few events. Also a shadow keynote last time. Well, I got the hint. Here he is headlining LD28 as the keynoter; The keymaster; The key-uh… just-go-watch-it:

Watch for guest appearances by NieloGD, Crowbeak, djdduty, and Uhfgood.

Have a great weekend, and good luck everyone!


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  1. PoV says:

    Hey Folks! I actually have one more video to share, but I was urged not to post due to some of the language used in the video. That said, I still want to share the video because I myself had a good laugh at some of the moments. But be warned, the video is a bit rude and it may offend you. You’ve been warned.

    The following video contains language not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.


    Have a good h.

  2. Uhfgood says:

    Apparently me and Beardbotnik were the only ones to send Dezzles a vid on the keynote, and Dezzles couldn’t get Beardbotnik’s video to work. You can see me and hear me at around the last 20 seconds of his keynote. If you were curious.

  3. roaet says:

    Need microphone plox.

  4. jarnik says:

    Brilliant, had tons of H :)

  5. gagege says:

    Birds would be an amazing theme.

  6. sclark39 says:

    I don’t like themes that are just mechanics restrictions (e.g. No Enemies, No Violence).

    I’m rooting for Night and Day because it could be interpreted as a setting, a time based game mechanic, or just a requirement for a stark contrast between some game elements. Lots of options there.

    • Christina Nordlander says:

      No Violence isn’t necessarily a purely mechanical choice. It could be part of the plot, say, Idunno, a psychopath appears in a future where all other humans have evolved beyond the capability of violence. Or an alien is trying to brainwash humans with a mind-control ray to stop us being violent (I’ll leave it up to you whether the alien is the player or the antagonist).

  7. technoskald says:

    The wind made hearing him a bit of a challenge…

  8. Zephyr89 says:

    All these themes are so AWESOME!!!
    Can’t wait till the start

  9. SecondDimension says:

    Hooray, keynote! That means the time is near…
    I don’t mind which of the themes we get, but I’m super nervous for some reason.

    Incidentally, does anyone know how you get considered to do a keynote? Is there some kind of underground LD testing facility with trials you have to pass?

    • PoV says:

      Yes it’s a very grueling process. Some folks don’t make it out alive. :)

      What I typically do is put a call out for volunteers a few months before the event. I tend to pick someone who’s a veteran of the event, having done it for many years. You’re free to say and do whatever you like (though we ask it to be family friendly). Due to some weird laws around the world that I just don’t want to deal with, I do have to make sure you’re 18+ though (or at least, if you don’t give me any reason to think you’re under 18, you might slip by).

    • SecondDimension says:

      OK cool thanks, I’ll volunteer when the time comes, although I guess I’m a bit too new at the moment, this being my 5th Dare. I’ll go get more XP.

  10. Jiggawatt says:

    The businessmen congregate in an effort to promote foolgarbage.

  11. GreaseMonkey says:

    Ohh, keymasterrr…

  12. Guennor says:

    [Intensity Intensifies]

  13. LeonardMeagher2 says:

    Super excited to participate in my first LD

  14. kevinmylo says:

    my first LD should be fun! :-)

  15. Doctor Disfigure says:

    There’s something about corruption that I’m really digging.

  16. laaph says:

    No issues expected? What about Bieber 4evah? No violence? Batman? I can’t keep up with all the riots people are trying to generate!

  17. Optimus6128 says:

    Some more interesting themes in round 4 that passed in final. I have categorized 3 types of themes: 1) gameplay, 2) scenery and 3) rendering. I like gameplay related ones like “take only one, no violence, etc”, scenery is like “corruption, fortress, etc” and rendering like “minimalism, two colors, etc”. 2 is cool if it’s your favorite world, but 1 and 3 I prefer, cause I focus on gameplay mechanics or alternative rendering.

    Anyway, whatever theme comes, even if I don’t like it, I can brainstorm and interpret it my own way, and do something fun. I hope.

    I think I’ll start preparing my tools this evening after work, cause we get the theme at 2 after midnight here in UK and I think I’ll go to sleep and learn the theme next day (I need sleep :P)

  18. X-0r says:

    “Bad themes” are defined by the community. If there’s something, which I can’t accept for myself in order to keep my sanity (Bieber), I might just ignore the theme at all.

    Still, there’s a reason why a theme wins in the end – because it got the most votes from all the LD participants. We all shape the outcome of the theme towards our personal favorites. I personally didn’t like “10 seconds” last time, but I still went with it. Since that theme won, it represented the majority.

    I personally don’t like themes which are too confining – but just as it had been noted a few comments above, you can – or rather have to – think out of the box. No violence doesn’t mean the game can’t contain violence, it’s open for interpretation. Batman doesn’t mean that you have to play Batman either, it could be an abbreviation for a super weapon (uhm… if it’s sub themed “No violence”, go for a research project or something) Or maybe it’s the solution to a puzzle. Or you.. take a baseball bat as a weapon (if it’s subthemed “No violence”, then I’m out of ideas :P)

  19. YellowLime says:

    I voted +1 to everything! Because all themes were okay.

  20. agmcleod says:

    Might have trouble not getting drunk. Saturday night is my work’s christmas party.

  21. Suese says:

    If I get in the top 10 can I do the next keynote video?

  22. TheGreenTie says:

    I’m so in….! Hope I can actually finish something this time ….or at least something better than last time:

    I swear I’ll never work on “pixels 2 feel 4 u” games again, really — maybe.

  23. Guennor says:

    When will the theme be announced? When LD starts or before that?

    • Tritax says:

      Theme is revealed at 9pm EST when the contest starts. They’ll post it on the LD site, twitter, and the IRC chat. The later two options being the more reliable route as the website can get pretty bogged down.

  24. norrox says:

    Vote for the language / engine you will use! :)

  25. Phil River says:

    Fingers crossed for Corruption theme.

  26. Cybearg says:

    Is that really how you pronounce it? Lew-dum Darr-ray?

  27. Guennor says:

    I’m really confused. On twitter people are posting #LD48. But here is LD28.

    • mohammad says:

      What they mean by LD48, is by 48 representing the popular guideline that you one have 48 hours to make your game, and this is the 28th ludum dare, since 2002. Ah, 11 good, long, years.

  28. mohammad says:

    Ludum dare 28, with ten munutes to kill. here we go!

  29. It was our best game Jam. I am so happy to be a Part!
    My Team was awesome and we had so much fun creating such a Yummy game 😀


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