You are The Goatman WIP

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December 15th, 2012 4:48 pm

This game contains goat-related characters.

The Goatman is a deadly and vengeful villain, few has escaped his horned iron helmet’s pummels. He attacks anyone that dares to harm innocent goats, and for that he is a hero among these. All humans who tried to kill him have never returned.

Game objective: Ram the 6 citizens to death in this frozen land.


Warning: This is a really really unfinished version, I still have to add goats and make citizens attack those. Also, add more citizens.

Please feedback on anything, tomorrow I will do the processing of any feedback and add the features above.


*The resolution is stretched because of my Unity workspace setup. The final game will not have this horrid aspect ratio.

I feel much prouder of myself this time than my last, because I got a decent running demo in the first day, in contrast of getting something playable in the last 3 hours of last time and then having to design the level.

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