FlyCraft got released, we have the dollar!

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November 1st, 2012 2:14 am

That is right! We managed to do the release yesterday and we even got the dollar (we are actually #1 Top Paid Game at the moment I write! [boast]way over Angry Birds =D[/boast] . You can check out our October Challenge entry here:

FlyCraft – October Challenge Entry

It was a roller coaster ride to develop this game, you know, the crazy ones! Me and Thanasis managed to gain so much experience during this month than hardly any other process I can think of can provide.

The fact that the game we made was so well received by the gamers was the topping of the cake. Such a great feeling, after a month of long nights of work! A few hours after the release, we were receiving this kind of reviews on AppWorld:

“Fun game, gets your creative mind going.” 5 stars

“This is a fun game if you have a few minutes to spare & want something to do. At $1.99 you can’t go wrong….now if you will excuse me I have got to get back to the game. I’m trying hard to get “Herbie” to fly further then 200cm….I keep getting so so close lol BTW that reminds me. This game comes with Scoreloop integration so you can compete with your friends :)” 5 stars

“This is a great game and logs of original fun. Looking forward to more materials to smash on the landing pad. Great original concept!” 5 stars

“Fun game, gets your creative mind going.” 5 stars

The list can go on and on! We are so humbled by these people.

We have updated the game’s website with the launch trailer. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

The plan from now on is to add in the game all the cool features we left out due to the time constraint of the challenge. Some of the things we left out with a cold heart were the instant replay system that will allow you to view your flights again but also to share them with friends, the ability to save multiple crafts and challenge friends to fly your crafts and do better, and lot more stuff that I will not reveal at the moment! 😉

Thanks again everybody it was a great experience we all shared here! Good luck to all the contenders!


9 Responses to “FlyCraft got released, we have the dollar!”

  1. dqmhose says:

    Congratz! I need to play this game .. I need a new tablet anyways, you guys just convinced me to give the PlayBook a try 😀

  2. panda says:

    That looks like a cool game! Too bad I don’t have a Blackberry. I wish you many more dollars!

  3. mirhamidovich says:

    I really enjoyed reading on this article.

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