AVOIDAL – home found!

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October 27th, 2010 10:44 am

AVOIDAL - Use Your Enemies

AVOIDAL (my August 2010 Ludum Dare entry) and October Challenge entry has found a home!

I’m excited to report I finalized on a primary sponsorship deal with Tom Fulp of Newgrounds last week and have finished all the integration and testing work required. That work included getting to create 23 fun medals (achievements) for players to win when the game is played over on the Newgrounds site with a player account. The game will launch over there next week on November 3rd. I’ve also managed to sell a few non-exclusive licenses including one to Big Fish Games. The primary sponsorship was found via posting to Flash Game License. I spent a good bit of time in October working on, play testing, and polishing the original competition version into the final version.

AVOIDAL screenshot - final version

The highscores have been reset so get in there and play!

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6 Responses to “AVOIDAL – home found!”

  1. Congratulations! Awesome work! Do you have any advice regarding dealing with FGL, negotiating contracts, and in particular what were the $ amounts for each type of license? Also, how many hours of coding did it take you to integrate the newgrounds API, logos, and achievements?

    • HybridMind says:

      Thanks so much! I feel a ton has been written lately regarding good advice on FGL but personally I go by the following few tips: 1) have a fun game (not being flippant here) and if it IS fun–then polish the hell out of it before sponsors view it! It also helps to know or look like your game “knows” how to be sponsored. Placeholders for sponsor logos, more games links etc… all shows you know the drill and that the process will go smooth if a sponsor works with you. 2) have a great icon BEFORE sponsor approval– you only get one shot for that initial FGL sponsor email that goes out 3) have a good short trailer video of your gameplay 1-2 mins 4) if a few weeks pass and you aren’t happy with the sponsor views it is time to cold call “email” sponsors / contact sites. This is what it took for me to get my views. I had had very little sponsor views until I did this. I had had some bids that I wasn’t too psyched about before emailing and had just got distracted for a few weeks with other things. Normally I wait like a week and send out a big bunch of emails. 5) Speaking of the email to send out.. this is important too… send one at a time and definitely personalize it if possible especially if you already have a personal contact from working with the sponsor before. Also include links to the game, screenshots, links to trailer, brief description, thumbnail, any accolades the game may have received from contests. With AVOIDAL I stressed the good response it received from my top 20 finish here as well as a good finish over on the experimental gameplay project. I also addressed distribution/exposure concerns by informing sponsors that the game had always had an encrypted site lock and I used SWFStats to track views so I knew the exact exposure amount. This alleviates concerns that the viral peak has already happened to your game and lets them know they aren’t wasting their ad investment with your game.

      Well that is what I have briefly on that topic. Obviously it is a HUGE topic and each developer will have different tips depending on what their experiences have been. It is all over the map but I am trying to share things I have heard echo’d elsewhere and that I believe are general enough to at least somewhat apply across all games.

      As far as $ amounts I am not sure yet what I’m comfortable or allowed to reveal. I think if I do reveal anything it will be after a month or two because I am hesitant to publicly post $ or hour figures because non-exclusive sales negotiations are tricky enough without a portal telling me.. well you only spent X hours etc… that is never the point. The point should always be.. “how fun is this game and how much traffic / enjoyment will it bring your players/portal” etc. They always try to pay only for the “integration time” and it is a constant push back reminding them of what they already know. It’s a product not an integration service that I’m selling. 😀

      The Newgrounds API integration was my first time working with that. The medals took me a good bit because I had to think them up, integrate them, and play test the heck out of them. Next time around the API part will be a lot easier. I’d say I spent less than 15 hours on the Newgrounds integration but I’m a perfectionist and I’ve wanted to get a game sponsored by Newgrounds for a long time so I did my best to prepare all my materials and fun medals ahead of time to hopefully make the players really enjoy it there. That crowd can be rough. I’ll be wearing my Anonymous Internet Armor for launch day over there for sure… 😉

  2. Zillix says:

    That is freaking awesome. Congrats man!

  3. HybridMind says:

    AVOIDAL has now launched over on Newgrounds! 23 medals to win if you have an account.

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