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Last ludumdare 37, the competition happened the next day after our last exam for the week. This ludumdare 38 will happen just before our exams. I just hope that I can join, cause it’s the anniversary, maybe we’ll be getting more attention than last time, what a waste if I let the opportunity pass.

update: (exam starts on april 19, too lazy to look at exam schedule Zz.,  maybe I can join on jam)

But, before that have a look at my video on how to always win in any online chess game. I bet 100% you can even defeat the pros by watching this (THIS IS NOT A PRANK):

As reference to my earlier post about the shapedrawing program (java2d):

Source code:

Someone in youtube commented that maybe I should try to export the images in svg format. So here it is. I found a way to save the image into SVG format. I used a lib called ImageTracer. Below is the sample. I love the mousepad though (the mousepad with the sexy girl).

bike_drawing_sample bike_drawing_sample_svg spidey v2_svg v1 v1_svg VSpecial_drawing VSpecial_drawing_svg


A simple drawing program using java Graphics2D

Posted by (twitter: @doppelgunner)
Thursday, April 6th, 2017 1:12 am

It’s rushed but I made it for school activities. It is even saveable (PNG image type). The source code is included in the youtube link description. Source code:


Last valentines I drew something using the program:


next time maybe I’ll make a pixel type software just for fun. With, image processing techniques maybe (using famous algorithms). Also subscribe to my channel.

Our Colossus powers may be faded. But we can still smash the faces of a few humans before we go! -> [The Old One] by Chris Olsen

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