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YOUPI, I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @jacklehamster)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 9:46 am

For once, I’m gonna ditch Flash and try something new: JAVASCRIPT. Yah, it’s not that different. Well it is for me, cause I’ve been so used to Flash. I did work on JavaScript games in the past but it’s been a very long time.

So the tool I’ll be using:

  • Brackets as text editor
  • Flash CC only as an art tool (I’m not making a Flash game this time!)
  • Garage band, cfxr
  • And this new weird tool I just created yesterday called YOUPI.


So wait, what’s with YOUPI? So here’s the story. I got bored yesterday, so I decided to produce some tool that would be useful for Ludum Dare. So I made this thing called YOUPI, which is essentially YouTube looper, or you can call it an “animated GIF with sound” creator. It’s also open source. I thought maybe I could use it to add cut scenes or looping background in a game.

The result… is really stupid… so delightfully stupid… that I felt compelled to share it. So far, I’m not sure if it’s actually useful for anything, but it’s kinda fun to use. Perhaps if you make a time-lapse video and want to share a part of it, you can use the tool and you won’t have to generate a gif. Or perhaps you want to loop some music in a javascript game. Rather than program it, you just put YOUPI somewhere on the page and you get the image as a bonus… Geez really? What is this tool useful for?

Anyway, I thought I’d use the LD31 keynote to show what you can do with YOUPI:



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