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“You are the King” – Post Mortem & Timelapse Video

Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
Monday, January 7th, 2013 1:38 pm

This was my first Ludum Dare and I must say it was an awesome experience. I’ve learned a lot and I’m also pretty amazed by how much I got done in those two days. So here’s the post mortem for my entry.

What went right

Since this was my first LD I didn’t really know what to expect or how much I would be able to get done. So I was amazed that I actually got the core gameplay working given the fact I went for simulation game. I was also surprised at my own coding. Usually I tell people I’m not a very good coder but looking back all I did was coding 😀

first running version

first running version

So I’m pretty happy how the game plays. Its fun to watch the citizens walk around and do their thing. The initial brainstorming and mind mapping helped me a lot as well in filtering out game ideas. The minimalistic graphic style turned out well but this may also be due to my previous games and experience with it. Ultimately it allowed my spent as much time coding as possible.


What went wrong

The core game concept was to force the player to suppress their citizens in order to win the game. So even the player has good intentions he will be looked as an evil king in the eyes of his citizens. The problem with this concept is that it was difficult to generate enough feedback to the player so he would understand it. I also stumbled upon how to communicate to the player that he has to force his people back to work in order to win the game. The intro story of the immediate great drought tries to provide some motivation and context but I’m not sure of people even did read all that. I tried to display angry citizens by placing a dark cloud above their heads but something else like them rallying and demonstrating in front of the castle probably would’ve been better.


Another thing was that depending on the camera zoom some things got lost and they player didn’t get what was going on or why things happened a certain way. This brings me to the next issue. The user interface which displays necessary game information but in a unappealing and cryptic way. For example its very easy to lose track of the food count.

I didn’t have time to create a tutorial or some introduction to the gameplay mechanics. I also didn’t have time to properly playtest the game in the end and there are some severe balancing issues.



Feedback is king! Because if the player doesn’t get whats going on the game isn’t going to be much fun, unless of course thats to point of the game. This is a kind of obvious thing but it gets lost so easily in between all those awesome features inside your head. I’ll definitely spend more time on communicating things better to the player in my next Ludum Dare. I’ll also try to do a simpler game so I’ll actually have enough time for that as well. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

If you want to play the game then follow this link.

If you want to check out my development tumblr then follow this link or if you want to see what other games I’ve made then follow this link.

Thank you.

You’re the King – What is the player motivation?

Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:09 am

Here I’m with another update. So far the essential stuff works. Essential that is all resource gathering and the death of the whole population if there is no food. However this brings me to a more fundamental issue regarding the core concept of the game, or what is the motivation for the player.

The initial design was that the player becomes the villain by his own actions in order to win the game. Now I’m having a hard time integrating this concept into the game in a meaningful way. The original win condition was to reach a certain population amount. But how do we turn the player into a villain by doing so? Simply forcing the workers to work all the time in order to provide enough food for the whole population seems too simply and boring. Hopefully I can come up with a good idea in the remaining hours.

Here are some new screenshots to keep you entertained :)

LD25_dev_screen_3 LD25_dev_screen_4

As always, watch me solve this game design mystery live on my stream:

You’re the King – Another progress update

Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 7:24 pm

Ok so I’ve got basic worker AI in place and I’m trying to calculate/balance the happiness factor next. I also realized that I may have to scratch my one-choice-at-a-time idea of forcing the player to choose what his citizens should do each day. I realized that this is annoying as I’ve to decide/click in a regular interval. I think a continues simulation will be more fun and probably easier to balance. I’ll sleep about this and decide tomorrow morning.

Here’s another good night screenshot :)


As always I’ll continue live streaming ( tomorrow.

You’re the King – Progress Update

Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 5:32 pm

1:30 AM now and I got some basic npc functionality in place. You can build houses that spawn citizens which walk around randomly until a certain population cap. Here’s a screenshot:


Next up is coding of worker behavior. As always watch it all go down live on my stream at:

LD25 I’ve got my idea!

Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 5:37 am

After spending the whole morning brainstorming and writing game ideas I’ve decided to go with the following idea:

A strategy/simulation game with very limited interactions. You have been elected as the new king of a small kingdom and must bring prosperity by making the right decisions. The goal of the game is very simple, reach a population of X (to be announced). The grand issue tough is that no matter what you chose someone in your kingdom will always be unhappy and the bigger your population gets the more difficult it’ll be to keep your citizens happy. Eventually you’ll have to sacrifice your good will in order to reach your goal and win the game. But at what cost? because in the end you’ll have turned into the villain in the eyes of your citizens.

This idea is largely inspired by William Shakespear’s Macbeth.

Here’s the mind map I did while brainstorming:

LD25 Brainstorm

And here are my other ideas I didn’t choose:

You’re the evil cube wishing to do XXX upon YYY in order to reach ZZZ.
Hero has to reach X, you have to prevent him from doing so by using all kinds of obstacles.
You have to fight the hero who is an increadibely bad and incompetente fighter but you have to let him win in order to receive the applaus from the audience.
You are a mountain the hero tries to conquer. Prevent him from reaching the top and getting salvation.
You are the evil temptation in the form of sweets and must jump into the mouth of people who are on a diet.
You are the god of sins. You get points by leading people to commit sins. The bigger the sin the more points.

Now time to start coding. Watch it all go down live right here: 😀

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