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Gonna have to give up for now…

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 1:31 pm

So, I made some decent progress. I have the bare bones of a game in which you place enemies in an overworld to try and defeat the hero in RPG combat. Here are some pictures:

LDscreenshot1 LDscreenshot2LDscreenshot3


Trouble is, after the hero defeats all of the enemies in a desert battle, the game crashes, and I’ve spent all of my development time today trying to figure out why, to no avail. If you still want to try what I have, crash-ridden as it is, the executable can be found here and the source code (Gamemaker studio) here.

Good luck to everyone else, and I’ll probably see you next Ludum Dare.


Edit: I MAY have discovered a workaround. Better crunch like hell!


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