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High Scores for Heinous Yak Destruction, and Post-Mortem

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Monday, November 26th, 2012 9:41 am

It’s after the time, but I really wanted to add high scores, so they’re in! Let’s see who can beat me at yak-based urban demolition! As always, go to and then click the cartridge that says “YAK”.

And now, the post-mortem:

What went right:

  • I chose something simple. This is by far the biggest help. I tend to want to do something fancy, with lots of procedural generation… this time, a simple game, which I had plenty of time to do.
  • I used a language I was comfortable with, and which made me productive. I don’t know AS3/Flashpunk as well as I could do, but I have made things with it before, and this helped a lot.
  • I found simple solutions for things. The city is a simple grid. You destroy the buildings where you land so you can’t get stuck in them. The enemies are helicopters, so I didn’t need to do any pathfinding.
  • I made music, sound, and art that I’m pleased with! It’s nothing amazing, but the NES theme meant that I didn’t try and spend ages making it look and sound great, I could  just make things simple. :)
  • I added little touches as I went along. As the game was simple, I had the time to add shockwaves, tween animations, and little people who run away, which made it more fun but didn’t take that long to do.

What went wrong:

  • Not a lot! I could have been more prepared sound-wise – I had no experience of musagi, or audacity, so fiddling with those took longer than it should have. But it wasn’t a problem in the end.
  • I didn’t get time to add the building variety I’d hoped to. Very few of the city blocks were planned to be empty grass. I wanted tower blocks and things, but by the time I could have tried adding them, it would have meant breaking the code probably.

What I’ve learnt:

  • I can actually make music that I don’t think is terrible!
  • I can make a 48-hour game with a decent level of polish!
  • Heinous is pronounced “Hay-nuss”.


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Sunday, November 25th, 2012 3:06 pm

Whoohoo! I managed to make a game that actually feels pretty complete! This is unusual for me.

Heinous Yak Destruction is now available to play on the site. It has music, explosions, helicopters, and an actual lose condition! Huzzah!

I didn’t quite get the time to add online high-scores in. The backend is there, just not the stuff in-game. I’ll fiddle around with it tomorrow and hopefully get that included.

If I had more time, I’d have liked to add more buildings – I’d hoped to have big tower blocks and shops as well as the tiny houses. Never mind.

End of Saturday

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Saturday, November 24th, 2012 2:31 pm

Well, it’s 9:30pm over here, so I’m stopping for today. (Yup, I’m hardcore and I know it. :P) As always, the current state of Heinous Yak Destruction is here.

I’m pretty pleased! I’ve got some sound effects, you can smash things, and there are little people who run in terror. So for tomorrow that still leaves the… bits that make it a game rather than just a toy. Some kind of difficulty or time limit, probably in the form of the military coming in to destroy you. Not entirely sure though. Oh, and music! Which I might not get done, to be honest. 😛

Not many people seem to be updating on the blog today. I feel like I’m spamming, but I last posted several hours ago. Where are you all!?


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Saturday, November 24th, 2012 7:25 am

Heinous Yak Destruction is going fairly well. I’m quite pleased with my little yak character. Turns out that small size + only 3 colours per sprite = really easy art. 😀

If you feel like being a giant yak, wandering a randomly generated (but currently rather dull) city, you can play here. I update the version on the site every so often.

Currently you can’t destroy anything, so you can start the game stuck in a building. Press ‘r’ until you get a city that lets you move.


Still to do:

  • More buildings
  • Heinous Destruction!
  • People running in terror
  • The military coming and trying to stop your aforementioned heinous destruction.
  • Sound
  • Music

So basically, all the things that make it a game rather than a remote-controlled-giant-yak simulator.

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