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Monday, April 20th, 2015 12:08 pm





I (Ava) wasn’t sure I’d be submitting something this time. I decided to wait until the theme was announced. The theme did however provide an immediate idea, and it seems to be an odd one out there in this time’s sea of submissions; you’re not a combatant in this game.

It might not be much of a game either.  Unconventional, if you will. It’s a short, mildly interactive experience meant to abstractly convey a message by the help of symbolism rather than words.

After getting the idea for this game, I decided to watch a relevant documentary online before I started. An important subject touched me even more after watching that, and so the work began. It was all wrapped up by finding some statistics.

Give it a play — it’s but a few minutes long and played right in your browser without plugins — and see if we (Marte, Eva and myself) managed to do the subject any justice at all with this short, short presentation. Submit your ratings and leave a comment on the page.

Go play, rate and comment on the game right here~


Thank you!



A game about words: RMBR

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 2:25 am

RMBR is probably my most important game since I started to bake some pixeled stuff 2 years ago.



If you have trouble to understand the concept of the game you can watch this Vine. Or try to imagine a Twine game where you “drag” the words and not just “click” on them. That’s a bit synthetic but it’s the closest description I can write with my poor English skills.

There are two main ideas behind RMBR. The first one was, I wanted to make a game about Alzheimer. I actually have a grand-mother who suffers from it, and I wanted to try to explain feeling you can have when you speak with her, but also what I imagine (from what I see and what she tells me) being her mind. How words are losing their meanings, how memories are becoming blurry and fade away, and how some of them, the oldest ones, are in contrary back vividly.

To be honest I totally failed to do it correctly, mainly because I needed a lot more time to write and include some contents. Time I didn’t have during the jam. But more on that later.

The second idea came from my recent interest in french surrealists. I’m presently reading a lot of novels/poems by Breton, Leiris, Desnos or Queneau (about whom I already develop with a game called Milmiliar – only in french right now sorry about that – which was inspired by Hundred Thousand Billion Poems). And Leiris specially worked a lot on the words and their meanings, how each one of us have their own  personal dictionary. If we think that the meaning of a word is shared by everyone, that’s an illusion. Because we all have our own experiences of the word, our own memories, our own understanding of it. So he decided to write his own dictionary (Glossaire j’y serre mes gloses in french, I didn’t find any translation of it sorry about that).

And because he was a surrealist and a poet, Leiris decided to write only definitions with puns.

For example in RMBR you can find this definition of “game”: a gem. This is something very personal for me. It represents the way I feel about games – well some games at least – and at the same time is an anagram of “game”.

This is what RMBR is about. You start with a very simple little story, told in few words. And then you can explore it like you would do with a landscape or a building in an adventure game, by exploring the words and what they mean in context. Until you finally find a definition like the one above.

The exploration is mainly about two points of view: mine and my grandmother’s. Exploring her mind or mine produces different results. In the boy’s mind things gets accurate and are a lot in the moment. In her mind things are confusing, words fade away. Well that was the intention at first.

I had a lot in mind while doing RMBR. But because it was my first mobile game so I spent a lot of time struggling with basics mobile dev problems, and didn’t get enough time to include all the content I wanted or all the features I imagined. But the main concept is here and the feedbacks I got surely convince me that I had something.

I like this idea of navigating in a text like you would do in an adventure game. As a fan of Simogo’s Device 6 I sure want to explore news ways to build a bridge between literature and video games. And mobile phone or tablet are probably the best media to do so.

That’s why RMBR is my most important game. I think I finally got something that’s really merging these two objects. And now I want to push it further.

I’m currently working on a full version of the game which will not be only about exploring a text but also will integrate puzzles and enigmas. The structure of it is a bit uncertain at the moment while I’m mainly trying to improve the “engine” and testing some mechanisms. But I’m also rewriting all the content, in french this time. Because I can’t do something good in a language I can’t really master. Two people are going to help me.

David (Badabing): He did some SFX and music for the jam version (at the last moment, thanks to him) and will be in charge of the sound design.
Violette: She will work on the English translation of the game. We’ll work together, because a lot of the texts will not be directly translated but in fact entirely rewritten.

So I hope this little post-mortem gave you some interest in the game. If so, you can:

– try the jam version 
– stay tuned via my twitter @Pitoum
– take a look at my unfinished website
– leave a comment if you have any question :)

Thanks for reading/playing!

[ My Tenth Adventure ] : few words

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Friday, August 30th, 2013 4:44 am



I’m trying to write a postmortem, but so far I’m not very good at it.
The first day I started the stream on Twitch. If you’re interested, you can watch the record. But it will be available some time (problems with uploading).


In the game was more important animation and sound. So I’m not worried at the expense of code. It there is very little and it is very simple. And anyway I am very bad programmer. So I decided to focus on the atmosphere of the game.


I had an idea in my head to make the main character of the game by myself. Just fun to see myself as the main character in the video game. The character really took over some of my habits from life.  He pulls it out from his pocket like me.  It’s fun. It’s like I went for a walk and fell into my dreams.



[ DiscoFish ]


Only a little more than an hour before the end of LD. The game as a whole was ready, but there was a very important part – the music. This is the basis of my game. And if I had not had time to make music, then I would not have made the game. Just would not make sense to load the game on LD without music.


And luckily I was able to do everything! Yes, I wanted to make more sounds and music, but the time is not left.
All in the game musical compositions 8, 4 individual sounds, 11 phrases (when something cosmic talking with us.)


The game turned out not as what was supposed to be, but it was a great experience for me. And it was fun. I love LD.

I will try to write a few more facts about the development (of course if you are interested).

And yes, my English is very bad, sorry for that.
Thank you!


Eight Hours To Go

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 10:59 am

Can’t show a screenie since I am currently working on the offline computer, the only one with decent art programs on it (stupid Vista won’t run PSP9 or Max5).  Thusly, what I am doing now is art!  I’ve got lots in so far, though endless hours spent doing it.  Six in fact.  Still need some stuff for the buttons you click on and the title screen, and the treasure the owls are stealing, then I guess art is pretty much done.  Then I’ll need to get some challenge/point/structure to the gameplay, and some sounds.  That should pretty much do it.  I’ll need more heroes than I have to reach that point, but I’ll just reuse my existing art for those, because man, I’ve made a lot of little heroes.  I think about 8 unique characters.

I wanted the game to include a skill tree for boosting all your heroes, but I think that’s something for later.  You’ll have to be content with the strategy/luck involved in which heroes you get.  Not much luck needed at this point, since the pool of heroes currently is the same as the number of rooms at the inn, and you’re allowed to have multiples of the same.  I want to change that, but can’t until there are a whole lot more heroes.  Which probably won’t happen by the deadline.

So I’m off to do that.  I’d also like to have more than one kind of monster, but that too will have to go by the wayside.  Hordes of ordinary owls is interesting enough for now!

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