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Notes To Me, From Myself

Posted by (twitter: @oreganik)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 3:03 pm

Reflecting on past successes and, mostly, failures, here are my testaments of game jamming, version 7.

  • Go 100%. There’s always something socially fun going on during a game jam. The trade-off to an effervescent social call is a punishing effect on your game project. The project lives forever, while events come and go. If you’re in, commit, and skip the party or campout or tournament or whatever. Shore up social capital beforehand, and recoup losses afterwards.
  • Give love. If you are romantically attached or have scions, minions, or children, give them lots of time before and afterwards, because you won’t really interact with them for several days. The project lives forever, but those closest to you are more important.
  • Get eight hours of rest. If you sleep for eight hours during the compo, you’ll “only” put in the equivalent of a 40 hour work week. Plus, you’ll perform more consistently.
  • Use state machines. There is nothing worse than trawling through pages of switch statements when adding or fixing features. Commit to a state machine early, even if it’s only a handful of states at the start, because then you can expand and collapse easily.
  • Mechanics or Story. Pick one, and focus. Trying to blend both at the start is what you do with a full game project, not a jam.
  • Avoid learning something new during the jam. Seriously, Ted, didn’t you learn from the flocking fiasco? =)


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