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The Rock the Paper and the Scissors – Postmortem

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 4:28 pm

Hi everyone! The jam is over, and we’d like to share some of our experiences making our entry: “The Rock the Paper and the Scissors”.


Who are we?

Bogdan, Igor, Zi, and Megan. With our powers combined, we are BIZM!

This is the first Ludum Dare for Bogdan, Igor and Megan. Zi participated in LD31, and came in 2nd place in the jam with Escape Character.


What went right?


We invested quite a bit of time (3 hours) to brainstorming, and we think it was well worth it. When the theme was announced, we separately thought up our own ideas. We then presented every idea, chose our favourites, and started analyzing and elaborating those. For each idea, we asked questions like:

  • Is it a clever use of the theme?
  • Is this fun?
  • Does this idea rely on presentation and polish? Or does it rely on quantity of content or replayability? Which of these things is our team able to accomplish within 3 days?

If an idea did not meet certain criteria, we tried to modify it to do so. By the end of the first 3 hours, we had an idea that we all believed had great potential — a Western-themed rock-paper-scissors dueling game on top of a moving train.



The characters were quite challenging to create. Each enemy has two hands, each of which could be facing in any of three different directions, and could be held in any of three configurations (rock, paper, or scissors). This meant a total of 18 different hand sprites for the enemies.

RPS Post Mortem Sprite Hands

Each hand is programmatically controlled, and is attached to an arm that is also programmatically controlled to be in one of three poses. The arms are attached to a torso which bounces up and down on the legs, and the character itself is standing on a train that also bounces up and down. To make this complicated animation system work, we had to embed special “anchor pixels” inside of the sprites.

RPS Post Mortem Sprite Bandit


Bogdan was delegated to music instead of programming. This decision was made on the assumption that our game would greatly benefit from an original Western-y soundtrack, and we were right! Having the music ready early actually informed the decision to turn our game into a rhythm game. This was lucky, since the rhythm dueling mechanic became one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. You can listen to our music on SoundCloud.


Sometimes, we realized that a particular feature we originally wanted was probably not going to happen (due to time constraints). We turned losses into gains by accepting what we cannot do, and figuring out how to make what we can do even better in the remaining time.

For example, when we realized that it was not feasible to create complex A.I.-driven behaviours for each enemy, we changed the game into a rhythm game where the A.I. uses repeating hand patterns that follow the rhythm of the music. This decision was actually made in the last day of the jam!

Sleep & Food

We were, for the most part, well-fed and well-rested. We were never burned out during development, and this was definitely a good thing!


What went wrong?

Time Management

We were not as aware of the big picture as we could have been. Ideally, we should predict inevitable changes well in advance, and reprioritize accordingly. It’s very difficult to completely avoid cutting features due to time constraints. However, with better time management, we can make these cuts earlier. That way, we would have more time to adapt, instead of realizing on the last day that our game will be half as big as it was originally intended.


What now?

We are planning to expand our game into a full commercial product. We hope to expand on the mechanics, and add lots more content!

In the meantime, we’ve uploaded a post-jam version of the game to with some fixes and slight improvements over the original.

Download post-jam version on

This has been a very fun jam for us. We learned a lot, and consider it a success, especially given that this is our first time working as a team.

If you haven’t yet, please consider playing and rating our game. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 😀

One More Bullet – Post Mortem

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 1:59 pm

Well, another Ludum Dare has ended! So it’s time to wrap things up a see how it went and share thoughts with all of you, ludum darers.

First of all this was my first time doing the Jam with a team and I have to say I had a lot more fun, even if we worked only few hours. The LD48 “compo” is awesome and maybe more rewarding (if you succeed) but in the end I think next time I will try again to form a team and participate in the Jam.

The team was formed by:

Jacopo – Design / Development
Umberto – Graphics
Marco(me) – Design / Audio

The game we created for the Jam is One More Bullet (Go.Play.Now.Read.Next).

One More Bullet - Main Screen


In this game you take up the role of a bandit/cowboy during a duel vs another bandit/cowboy and, you have to shot your only one bullet by pressing the right keyboard button at the right time.


(Ready.. Shoot.. Die..)

We worked on this on Sunday.

And Saturday?

Well.. we worked on this:

One More Bullet - old concept

Yeah.. walls and a ball

Erm.. well, in the beginning only me and Jacopo were participating and, since we don’t have any graphic skills (like none at all) we were thinking on something that we could work on without depending on great graphics. So we were focused on a physics based puzzle game (that wasn’t even working gameplay-wise). Luckily Umberto spawned Saturday evening so we were able to change the project and start from scratch with a more solid concept.

What we ended up with is this:


You won’t last long Gary Maccarone…

So, to sum it up:

What went right

  • Even if we worked only a few hours the game is pretty solid and polished
  • We can extend it with not that much work
  • Lots of fun
  • Cowboy names are awesome (added them like in the last 5 minutes)
  • Dat whistle…

What went wrong

  • Started “real” work too late and with lots of dead moments
  • Even if the game is solid and polished and we can extend it, there isn’t much room for improvements (it’s a minigame and it will never grow wings)
  • No music :/
  • Dat whistle…

A recording from the frontier

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 12:17 pm

While the last Ludum Jam sun is almost setting on the horizon, the good boys, the bad boys, and the ugly boys are finally coming out to play….

Accompany the cowboy developers live, codin’ animatin’ and chattin'(in portuguese) on our live stream:

One More Bullet (Jam – WIP)

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 7:30 am

Hi there!

This is our game for the Jam, it is called “One More Bullet”

One More Bullet - Main Screen


One More Bullet - Duel



The idea is that during a western shootout “You only get one” shot, so we made a small dueling game. You have to press the right keyboard key in a small amount of time in order to win the duel.

The game will feature both a singleplayer “endless” mode with increasing difficulty and a 2-player mode (on the same keyboard).

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