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HelkeGames’ official site

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Sunday, May 19th, 2013 6:23 am

Helkegames’ official website is now finished!
Finally, after LD #26, i made a website for HelkeGames, where i’ll post all my ludum dare entries and generally all my games or future projects!
Check it out now!

What can you do there?

In the website you can download and play my games and my Ludum Dare entries absolutely for free!
Also if you sign in, you’ll be able to write comments, to participate in discussions and actually you’ll get access to a lot of other functions (promotion to moderator, editor…).
So what are you still doing here? Sign in in for free now!

Note: the website is daily updated!



Helkegames’ official website

My website.

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 4:59 pm

Hello people of the blagosphere, I have this website on to which I shall probably put my games what I make, and probably some thoughts on game design and coding should I have any of note. I started it about a year ago but it quickly failed as my co-conspirator walked away. But yet, here I am, back to put some more games up there.

As for the quality of these games: Expect very little. I’m not really putting myself under any obligation to make games here, so it will just be whatever ideas capture my fancy. Also the art will be forever bad unless I can find someone to do it for me, which is unlikely since pretty much everything I post on there will be free and open source. No cash incentive, you see.

With that said, thanks for listening to my nigh-incoherent rambling.

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