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Compiled, Compiled, Compiled and Submited

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:42 pm

Wow, NME works great 😀 thanks all people working on NME/haXe.

So I have submited my game and it is working on:

Not tested but compiled:

Not able to compile but probably working (Thanks Apple)

  • iOS
  • OSX


What went well:

haXe + NME, the cross platform compiler + its graphical friend. I never thought I would be able to deliver so much version of my game without having to change anything in the code (except for a -1 to 999999 for the HTML5 version). During this two days I was compiling to random targets and if something didn’t work on a version I didn’t have to check a very long script. And a few times it saved me from code that wasn’t correct. On some platforms it did work, but on one platform it got some problems so I knew something wasn’t right.

Inkscape, I didn’t know that I could draw planets so nice. I impressed myself this weekend 😀 (thanks LD).


What went wrong:

I think the game has still some memory leaks. But I’m not able to fix that in time, IF i’m even able to fix it. It is possible that it is a bug in NME. And second, my code is a mess. Long time no scripting didn’t make it better.

But I really like the product I have made this weekend.


If someone one a mac knows how to use haXe + NME. Could you please download the source ( and compile it for iOS/OSX?


My entry:


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