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Cardboard Drift – WebGL Build

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Monday, December 26th, 2016 5:33 pm

Cardboard Drift

WebGL build is now available. Try it out.

Cardboard Drift WebGL

Trending Pharaoh uploaded!!

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 6:16 pm

I cannot even type how happy we are to finally submit the game! There are some features that we wanted to include that didn’t make it but… I don’t think you can ever make the game that is 100% as you want it, right? :)


Please check it out. We hope you like it ! ^__^/

Unity WEBGL in under 3 Mins.

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 11:00 pm

Every single year we are plagued by poeple who still use unity web player or PC/MAC downloads only, if only you could just export to webGL and your game could be played in a browser…. well you can.

every LD i get frustrated by this and every LD i say to myself “next time you should create a video about using webGL”. but i dont because im usually too busy… well my friends, i may need to get an extension on my uni assignment now but BAM! i did it.

For Anyone thats in…. ill just leave this here:

Post Mortem: A Mazeshift Title

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Friday, May 6th, 2016 9:57 am

Hi everyone,

This was my second Ludum Dare. Once again I had a fantastic time participating, and playing the other entries is a great source of pleasure and inspiration. I wrote a post mortem for my game A Mazeshift Title, which you can play here (Unity WebGL version available).


Screenshot1A Mazeshift Title

The Game

A Mazeshift Title is a 2D puzzle game where the player must construct a route between two endpoints using a collection of shapes organised in a grid. These shapes are manipulated by shifting entire rows horizontally, or columns vertically. It could easily be compared with a 2D version of a Rubik’s cube, with a pattern that must be completed. The game contains 7 individual levels, and each one is procedurally generated to provide a degree of replayability.


The idea for the game was originally conceived from thinking about shifting bits in computer registers, but using shapes instead. A good three hours on the Saturday morning were spent settling on a design. I felt it was important to take the extra time at this stage to ensure the concept was both interesting and achievable. By the time I had stopped on the Saturday night, the game consisted of a single feature-complete level.

The focus of Sunday was polish: after creating some menus and finishing the transitions between different levels, I moved onto audio. I ended up spending many hours fighting with multiple software packages, and eventually only managed to produce three sound effects. I had initially anticipated having enough time to produce a simple ambient background music track, but this no longer seemed feasible. Some visual polish feature had also been planned, such as sliding the grid tiles when they are shifted, but sadly these also had to be cut.

The Good

  • Procedurally generated puzzles.
  • The mechanics are explained non-verbally using a trivial first level.
  • I followed my plan: the core mechanics were implemented by Saturday night, Sunday was spent polishing the game.

The Bad

  • No music.
  • Tiles don’t slide when shifted.

Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

WebGL version is up

Monday, April 18th, 2016 8:56 pm

I fixed my black-sprites bug in WebGL!


No download required!

Playable inside the entry page with the power of WebGL!

Have fun!

Transmuto – post mortem

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 4:35 pm
 ________                                                                 __               
|        \                                                               |  \              
 \$$$$$$$$______   ______   _______    _______  ______ ____   __    __  _| $$_     ______  
   | $$  /      \ |      \ |       \  /       \|      \    \ |  \  |  \|   $$ \   /      \ 
   | $$ |  $$$$$$\ \$$$$$$\| $$$$$$$\|  $$$$$$$| $$$$$$\$$$$\| $$  | $$ \$$$$$$  |  $$$$$$\
   | $$ | $$   \$$/      $$| $$  | $$ \$$    \ | $$ | $$ | $$| $$  | $$  | $$ __ | $$  | $$
   | $$ | $$     |  $$$$$$$| $$  | $$ _\$$$$$$\| $$ | $$ | $$| $$__/ $$  | $$|  \| $$__/ $$
   | $$ | $$      \$$    $$| $$  | $$|       $$| $$ | $$ | $$ \$$    $$   \$$  $$ \$$    $$
    \$$  \$$       \$$$$$$$ \$$   \$$ \$$$$$$$  \$$  \$$  \$$  \$$$$$$     \$$$$   \$$$$$$ 


Second Ludum Dare for me. I decided to change it up a bit and learn something new. So I went with the JavaScript/Typescript + Three.js + Physi.js. This was my first time doing anything in JavaScript so learning that and TypeScript a few hours before the compo was fun. I used TypeScript since I’m used to OOP and static typing through Java. Using TypeScript brought some problems though, since the definition files from were not completely accurate for Physi.js.

At first I didn’t like the theme, I already had a killer idea of a puzzle game for Everything is connected. I wanted to have 3D and physics in this game since thats fun to tinker with. Brainstorming took place and I ended up with Transmuto – a game about shooting polyhedrons. You yourself are a polyhedron, you shoot your own shape, while your enemies are only vulnerable to their own shape. You shapeshift after collecting positive and negative polygons.

What went right

  • I like the audio. Making it on was fun.
  • Graphics are okay too. I had some custom shaders in mind, I wanted nice smooth shadows and a rather clean look. But I simply didn’t have time.
  • In the end I think its playable, I improved from last time, definitely made it much easier and balanced as I was close to submitting.
  • I learned JavaScript/TypeScript.

What went wrong

  • I struggled with physics. The Physi.js docs are almost non-existent and combined with the Typescript definitions not being annotated, I ended up fixing a bug as simple as extends Physijs.Mesh -> extends Physijs.SphereMesh for 5 hours on the first day.
  • I didn’t have time for proper level design and just adding more features I thought of. ^^


Help needed! WebGL black sprites

Monday, April 18th, 2016 10:23 am


When I first uploaded my entry with WebGL there were no problems.
Now, after I fixed a small bug and want to re-upload most sprites have changed into black squares.
Does anyone have an idea why this happens and how I can fix this? (using Unity)





Now also available as 64bit version!

Now also available as 64bit version! (Click here or the image to go to the entry page.)


For now you’ll have to download the standalone in order to play.

Revenge of the Ducks finished!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 3:35 pm


At one point it seemed that there was no way that I was going to make it using Dart and WebGL, but here we are! It’s my first 3D game, and LD really gives me the motivation to finish what I start. I was able to use both themes, and my thought process was the following: growing -> growing up -> growing old. You only have the right and left arrow keys. I went completely silly this time. You should always remember to feed the ducks when you go to the park or you’ll regret it.

Play it here

I might also upload a timelapse of the creative process behind this masterpiece.

First day results are in!

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015 8:11 pm

here is my game so far: (Unity’s WebGL export works well now. I was really surprised!!)

The procedural generation took the most time, again. There will be more to the game in the end (hopefully):

  • 4 different modes with seperate highscores,
  • Pause-Window,
  • improved and interated models, textures and animations,
  • sound

I streamed the whole day at my twitch: (there should be an on demand video live now, if you care to re-watch this 😉 ). I will create a complete time-lapse after day 2.

Now it is time for a little nap to start with a fresh brain with day 2!! Goodnight, y’all!

Not sure if going to make it, but trying

Posted by (twitter: @Roninkoi)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:59 pm


Trying to do WebGL and Dart again, and it has turned out to be a bigger task than expected. Everything has to be done from scratch, but nevertheless WebGL is a really powerful tool. I now got the rendering working after a long and tedious battle involving stuff like depth buffers, and I can finally render simple shapes (such as cubes in this test, using placeholder textures from a previous project). This is my first time making a 3D game, so I’m really not sure if I’m going to submit it. There isn’t even a game yet.

Post Mortem of HanniBall

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 7:00 pm

Nearly two days later, I can call HanniBall a success.

After two finished LD’s, I gave up during LD31 and missed LD32.
But this time, I managed to finish a game. Woohoo \o/

It’s a little 2-Player Battle Game to find out, who the real Hannibal is.

Play and Rate it here :)



What went wrong

  • I was not prepared enough, I struggled the first 2 hours with bringing a simple box with a light to the screen, just because I forgot, how to do so. And it took forever to record the few seconds of annoying music.
  • I didn’t invole people for playtesting or give me some advises or ideas. Aftwards, friends came up with nice little ideas, which would have made the game real fun to play.
  • I lost a couple of hours doing nothing. Or watching a movie. I could have use my time for creating properly 3d models – Now, I have only balls.
  • The floating island is dynamically generated, because I thought it would be more fun/ challenging. But no one noticed it. I would have saved hours, if I simply would have modelled it with blender.
  • Although I was streaming the whole progress on twitch, I had nearly no visitors. I should have advertise this more, and do more socializing on IRC, Twitter, etc.

What went right

  • I chose the most simple idea. And it was one of the first idea – playing with the name “Hannibal” (my girlfriend is currently reading the novels) seeded into this game. No, it’s not shoehorned.
  • To chose plain JavaScript and the incredible THREE.js framework was the right decision. I loved to come up with such a nice result despite not using a full featured game framework
  • I finished the gameplay development first, and had afterwards enough time for building up the floating island, making music and to add the postprocessing.
  • It’s a game I can play with my 7y old daughter – despite the theme :)
  • My PC was capable enough to do a FullHD stream to twitch while developing with WebGL stuff. Nice baby :)


  • JavaScript, THREE.js
  • THREE.Terrain
  • gimp
  • bfxr, bosca ceoil, audacity (see the tools section)

See you next time <3 

Corruption-5 Is Done!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:45 am

My fifth compo entry for Ludum Dare is done. Phew.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 15.38.11

It’s a sort of platform adventure game, with lifts and buttons and NPCs and a story and all sorts. It’s by far the most complicated, ambitious Ludum Dare game I’ve done yet with way way way more sprites and mechanics. I hope it was worth it..  this one half killed me.  Post-mortem to come later!

Made with my own Javascript/WebGL game engine that lives on top of Three.JS :)

Compo page!


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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 3:33 pm

Submitted early /o\
I know, I have plenty of time left to add nice features – but I’m kinda exhausted, and it’s already 10:30 pm here :)

So, here it is: HanniBall!


And it want to be played by you!

Now, with so much time left,

Hannibal vs. Will?

Posted by (twitter: @snooze82)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 3:19 pm

HanniBall is coming along :)


So In I Could Actually Be Sick

Posted by (twitter: @charlottegore)
Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 5:52 am


I am in. 5th time round the old block for me.

I will be using my own JavaScript WebGL 2d game engine thing (worked well enough last time!)


For art I’ll be using the awesome Deluxe Paint II clone Swanky Paint which features BLLLOOOOMMM which helps figure out in advance what the art is going to look like in engine once there’s BLLLOOOOOMMMM so they don’t get all blown-out.

For the music I will be using the beyond useful Propellerhead Reason. I know it, I have a licence for it, has great synth and recording capabilities.

For writing of the code I’ll probably use either Atom or Sublime Text. I haven’t decided yet.

I’ll also make use of Photoshop and probably Audition for editing sound and stuff.

I shall leave you now with some words of wisdom from a robot friend. Good luck everyone!!! 😀

Maybe in, made a game for this other jam

Posted by (twitter: @Roninkoi)
Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 4:29 am


Over the summer I participated in the A Game By Its Cover game jam, which just ended yesterday. I made a game called Eternal Eski based on a fake cartridge I found on, and it’s about building spaceships and controlling them by typing various commands into the ship’s computer. As a result of this I’m currently quite tired, but if I find the theme interesting I’m likely going to do LD too.  I’ve been doing a lot of Dart + WebGL stuff for AGBIC, so I think I’m probably going to step away from C++ for a while. Raw WebGL is certainly a challenge, but if I prepare sufficiently it should be fine.

I will be using:

– Intellij IDEA

– Photoshop

– sfxr

– Dart + WebGL

Oh, and here is a link to my AGBIC game if you want try it out.

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