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FateOS, a game about the information wars is booting up!

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 11:27 am

A Breath of Fresh Air

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:29 am

Well, after a wild, wild ordeal, it looks like I’ve finally finished my game. Essentially.

And, by essentially, I mean, I would be OK with submitting it as it is, but I would definitely like to add more. For example, having images would be nice.

My game, which I’ve made with Ren’Py, is a short, story-driven visual novel, with only one choice in it. So, really, calling it a “game” per se might be considered just the slightest bit of a stretch by some people, but, uh…

I’m going to ignore those people.

Right now, though, the VN is all just completely text. I haven’t had the time to begin on any art yet. So, forget the whether-or-not-it’s-a-game debate, because we need to clear the floor for whether-or-not-it’s-even-a-visual-novel debate. Spoilers, it probably isn’t. Maybe I should just call it a text-based game or a text adventure or something, if I can’t free up any time tomorrow to do some art before submitting.


Ah, well, I digress. This is my very second Dare, and I’ve had just amazing amounts of fun working on this little project as I watched thousands of other creative people across the globe work on theirs. May the best games win!

FINS or The Metaphorical Shark Game

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Friday, November 1st, 2013 8:42 pm


So we’re doing it! I’ve finished the outline and started a sprite for this thing. As always, because my mind loves to over complicate everything, this game will feature real sharks and metaphorical ones legasp! Will be using Ren’Py and yup. Now to sleep and get back up to write-edit-draw-cry-collect-program not in that order of course ^^

Title: FINS

Synopsis: It’s 2046 in an average coastal town, and Anna-Marie thought she’d be spending her break partying it up in warmer waters. But, instead, she finds herself in a den full of cold-blooded lunatics. Because of one, minor, slip up involving letting her best friend alter a grade, resulting in her owing him big time for it… Anna-Marie has to dig up some dirt on the local big bad business in town if she doesn’t want her professor blowing a gasket. The only problem is that snooping around in a major corporations graveyard is never a good idea, and when she stumbles upon some very big and very, very illegal information, Anna needs to think fast unless she wants to end up sleeping with the fishes!

Annamarie 1.0
Anna-Marie Gutierrez: A young freshman in college overwhelmed, under-employed and suffering from a severe case of apathy. Due to an ‘incident’ involving her best friend fudging a grade for her, she has to uncover dirt on Tributary Inc. and finds herself way over her head.
Logan Cho: The resident all-around activist and genius in the making, he’s passionate about uncovering all the dirty deets on Tributary Inc. and publishing them up anywhere and everywhere he can.
Experiment F-2V or Fien: A highly, highly illegal Splice Anna-Marie encounters while uncovering the Inc.’s secrets. Splice being a slang term for humans genetically crossed with another species. In his case, you guessed it, a shark.
Big White: A local loan shark and small town gangster, that is working in step with Tributary Inc. to cover up what they don’t want to be known to the public. Is harassing the Gutierrez family over past due loan payments.
Tributary Inc.: A shadowy, international organization that participates in some highly unconventional activity behind the mask of a family-friendly corporation.


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Thursday, August 29th, 2013 3:54 pm

The Link.

Minor bug fixes, etc.

My earnest advice and goal for next time is to have a working demo BEFORE the time limit is up! This way I don’t cause so many inconveniences when I have to keep re-uploading. Hope you check it out! Report any problems and i’ll get on it asap. I run on a windows so if one appears on another system, do let me know so I can run some scans :)

Have a smiling Darla while your at it.
Darla Waist Up SO

Bun Out!

It’s a ten second celebration! Now with pizza!

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 3:31 pm


Celebratory pizza anyone? I’m feeling oh, so, good having finished my first jam! The finished product isn’t the best by a long shot but, hey, I made it! You made it! Everyone who made it gets a slice ^^ Heck, even if you didn’t make it, here’s a slice for attempting this madness.

Sunshine or, in my case, freak storms in life and in nature, aside,… it was a wild and fun–fun–fun, ride!

Here’s the link:

Please do check it out if you can and see if it suddenly crashes or not so I can get on that! It’s my first VN project I’ve released into the web and I programmed it alone (Is a artist and sub-par-writer under pressure here usually) so, do excuse me if it’s just one, big, bug!

I dared and won! Now to sleep, eat and get back to my schooling. *stuffs face and hands y’all some*

Bun is out right before the count! Well, until the morning when she fixes all the mistakes.

It’s the final countdown! I still have 10 more seconds though.

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 10:58 am

Everything is going well! With school and sleep ready to eat away my time tomorrow, I’m at a good place right now! I’m preparing a small demo/just make sure it doesn’t crash like crazy tonight for the public. I’m currently coding, writing and drawing some assets all at once so no time to post much. My biggest worry now (aside from coding the timed events and web version) is actually getting the art done. The backgrounds are all free resource along with the music and SFX, but I currently only have skecths for the spirtes and event pictures >>”

I think I was so worried about coding that I neglected my usual duty, making art haha!

Bun Out!


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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 8:41 am

A title appears! Get ^^ THE WHiTE ROOM 2

A lot of progress has been made! All the needed assets for music, BGs and SFXs has been collected and or drawn. The story is near completion and i’m doing the script for it side by side. Ren’Py is wonking out on me,
when it comes to changing the screen size but that’ll be dealt with in time.

Otherwise things are going goood~
Here are some neat-o tracks I’ve found to keep me pumped and a logo concepts.
See which ones you like… or not.

Bun Out!

12 Hours, Ten Seconds, All Madness!

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:43 am


Well after a rest-ful few hours its back to the cutting board! I have my computer open at the moment so no more 3-inch screens for me. I’m going to try and get some of the framework for the game done today and text for the second room complete. That’ll leave me with two to go. Will post again shortly, now to write/program/do everything!

Night into Day and still 10 Seconds away

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 11:47 pm

As the night turned day drags on, so does the length of my titles…

Well, I’m heading off to bed at a good place! I’ve set some more realistic constraints on myself, got work done and finally incorporated everything into something workable.

The game, still not named yet, will now consist of the following:
1). 2 Spirtes
2). 3 Rooms not including The White Room
3). 3 10-Mississppi-second events
4). 3 Choices
5). Around 3,000~4,000 words
6). (5) possible endings; includes sudden-death ones

The music, SFX and possible GUI will be free resource. And, seeing as I’m defiantly jamming this one, I’ll be using some pre-existing code of mine. The art in the form of big pictures and the like is still up in the air and, I’m dreading trying to code even this with my sub-par skills… But I’ll do my best anyway!

This game will be a hybrid VN now too as it will contain timed events but will mostly be text-based aside from that. 10 rooms of the afterlife was way too ambitious plot and code wise already >>” I’m using Micah’s flippant personality to give myself some lee-way and start the plot of at a different place.

Speaking of plot and characters, I finally have some! The two main characters are now Stalarra-Micahla. He goes by Micah and he’s an angel tasked with helping lost souls get to their final resting place*. Darla, our resident Dorothy, is one such soul who’d been making her way through purgatory fine till she got to the “Former Life Reflections” phase. Realizing how meaningless and pitiful it was, she’s holed herself up in a blank slate room and refuses to advance. Until Micah stirs some trouble, pulls some strings and forces her through the last levels to learn the Eternal Virtues and somehow execute them in fun and exciting ways… All in under ten seconds.

I’ll be looking over my post (hopefully) on my computer tomorrow and will spell check and all that good stuff then! For now, I must sleep before I crash for real now!

I leave you with the opening blurb right after you click the start button. It’s rough but eh, it’s 2 AM and I don’t care.

I’ll be programming the preliminary stuff tomorrow so I’ll screen shot it then. This will also include sketches that don’t look like they were taken with night vision and properly scanned instead haha!

Bun Out!
*Not Final Destination I assure you. I don’t want to be sued~

//Dying ain’t easy.
Living just as hard.
Nothing comes for free, everyone has to work hard.
But just existing?
Breathing, eating and sleeping the days away?
Toiling and widing away your youth for what?
No one lives forever no matter how invincible, the dog days of summer make one believe….
That is so.
To the contray.
Life is just one meaningless loop or so they say.
But if a dull life is bad and an intangaible afterlife an even grimer prospect…
Then there isn’t nothing worse than ending up in neither or.
I’m stuck with no way out of here.
Repenting day after day after day–
For what!?
Bloated sense of purpose, mindless games to pass the time?
I don’t have a clue but I can tell you something.
It becomes somewhat of a hassle.
Boring more simply put.
I’d rater watch paint dry but, that seems to be the case already.
Locked up in an all white room all by my lonesome.
That’s what I get for being over zealous.
I wanted to ‘level up’ like it was some sort of game trying to get out from this afterlife.
But reality hit me like a cold splash of water.
Ain’t a got dang thing to do but wait…
And wait…
And wait.
Till now.
The sound of the bell a’ringing, something big is happening, I just hope it ain’t got nothing to do with that idiot of a gaurdien angel again!!//

10 Seconds: More like the longest 2-3 days of my life!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 7:37 pm

imageAs most seem obligated to say, I’m a first-timer to this competion actually, well, attempting it. Let’s see if 27 is my lucky number, eh? //Has all these weird blackjack references for the next one when this one is barely underway–//

I had a fairly good idea what the final theme was going to be from the get-go. All the comments seemed pointed that way so I had no problem thinking up my concept. Actually exciting it? Well~ that’s going to be another story all together. Not to mention I’m not doing a traditional game in the sense that it’s a Visual Novel rather than a point n’ click or some other variety of that. A visual novel being just as the title implies with the added cool points/gaming aspect if being able to affect the outcome via choices.

I’ve decided to approach the theme with an odd but, hopefully atleast, enjoyable plot. A young ambiguously-female narrator must descend through the levels of the after life. Which are more like whitewashed rooms… With nothing in them… Because she’s in a purgatory of sorts. Follow me, it gets bet–… Moving on! Along the way, as soon as she enters the next level, she encounters a set of choices in he first second that directly affect the sequence of events, what she/he encounters, etc., etc. She has ten of these. So original, I know! All this while trying to block out the mental terrorist know only as the Star Prince which quids her along the way. He seems to be some sort of time-keeper, guardian or wandering lunatic in a cape an spandex. Who knows, that’s for she/he to find out. Does the genre seem clear enough by know? It sounds pretty grandiose in scale/story complexity but it really isn’t. Either you unlock a new item in the room and have the big revel, stay a’cruise the sarcasm boat and restart or simple anger the Prince enough that it’s off with your head!

I’m going to try and stay on top of things and speed write my way through tonight and the early morn’. 6,000 words is my cap with a minimum of 2,500. Once that’s out of the way it’s one to drawing the only sprite and maybe some proof reading. Then my times going to be dedicated in chunks between staying alive and programming, programming, programming! With the programming half of my team a no-go I’ll have to make use of my limited knowledge if Ren’py by myself. And also trying to navigate the closing flood gates which will be my mind and eyelids by then. Which will shortly short circuit once I get past the most basic if basics.

Progress is steady so far. 200 words in. Now I’m off to jam in another 500 or so in 30 minutes or less. Here’s a handy dandy, snafu of the outline while I’m at it!

Wish me luck!

Bun Out!

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