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Post-mortem from Valhalla!

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 3:59 am

Hello there!

There’s our 3rd game for Ludum Dare. This time we choose the both theme. Gjallarhorn (it’s the horn that will sound when Ragnarök comes) it’s an arcade game, you run right to left smashing enemies. They want cross the bridge that’s you protect, so you play as Heimdall, the Bifröst’s guardian, and must stop them.


What went right?


We design the game very quickly. Last LD we spent a lot of time until the idea flowed. Also we want a direct control game, previous LD we’ve experiment with games more passive and the results weren’t good.


From the beginning we split up the tasks perfectly. Even we had time and we submitted 1’30 hours before.


One programmer fought with online scoreboard during the weekend. He said: “It was more difficult when I defeated the hydra”. Programmer’s stuffs!


This time we could make our music. There’s a thousand of software to make easy music. Try them! It’s satisfactory submit an entry made entirely by the team.

Gjallahorn (2)

What went wrong?


Our graphic artist isn’t satisfied. They must work quickly and he did everything in his power. The rest think the graphics passes anyway.

Features not included:

We have a lot of good features designed. But the competition only had 72 hours  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We’re proud of the result! Because of that, we’re going to spend a bit of time and we’ll launch the game in Android and Ios. So we hope announce in this feed soon!

Stay tuned sons of Valhalla!


It’s a wrap! Or maybe some kind of burrito?

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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 8:15 pm

Woohoo! Got it done and submitted on time! See my entry HERE!

This is my 2nd LD, and the first one that was really complete, so I’m quite proud of myself! I was going to do a full write-up, but I’m just too exhausted. Maybe tomorrow?

A few comments though:

The AI needs refinement. There’s only so much you can do under the time limit… and even less when you don’t actually know the game well enough to have a good strategy even for yourself, no less for a machine.

That said, the AI is pretty competent at Defending, despite sucking at Attacking.

I forgot all about running the whole screencap video thing this time! Eek!

Most of the sounds are me screaming or bashing things into my desk.

I am going to look into what it would take to refine this for an android/apple app!

Aaand… yeah! Good job everyone! I look forward to actually being able to participate in the judging this time; something I completely missed out on last time. Hundreds and hundreds of games to review! Eek! Too much fun!

My butt is now even taller?

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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 12:39 pm

Gettin’ that polish going!~  I’ve added a title screen, as well as a way to control if a Human or CPU controls each of the two sides.  Also my AI is getting smarter!  It’s still quite beatable; my search depth is… next to nothing really, so it only gets as far as predicting your next move and making some vaguely intelligent guesses as to what kinda of things improve its position.  I’ve still got about 6 hours though, and pretty much the only thing I’ve got left to do aside from AI improvements is adding some movement animations to help see what’s going on.  I’m actually at a point where I’m about to ask some IRC peoples to help me test.  If you’d like to help with that just let me know; I’m Luthwyhn in IRC.

Here’s a shot of my title screen!

I hope everyone else is getting done too!  I’ve been too busy to keep with with chat more than occasionally.  Keep up the good work, though!

Tall Butt is Completed*!

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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 3:56 am

Yes, you heard right, folks!  My game is a completely playable implementation of Tablut as of about 9 hours ago!  There’s a few minor things it doesn’t do (warn you for Check/Mate), and plenty of places that can be polished (Movement animations?)… but the game can indeed be played!  Currently, though, it only works as a 2-Player game.  My goal with the remaining ~15 hours is to implement a mildly competent AI system who can play as the Attack and/or the Defender, at your own choice.  Currently the AI moves at random until and unless it has a move that will allow it to win immediately, in which case it takes that move.  It’s not much, but it is indeed a start!  The visuals have changed just a little since my last update, so I’ll post a new screenshot as well:

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