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Dankest Dungeon – a Gameboy Roguelike Demake

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014 4:17 pm

Greetings from the Victory Garden team. For our Mini LD 50 submission, we demade Red Hook Game’s upcoming squad management roguelike Darkest Dungeon, in the style of a Gameboy classic! The game’s not been released yet, so we had to take liberties here and there, but we did our best to stay true to the spirit of the game. Feel free to share your feedback and High Scores over on the project page!

There are a lot more features we wanted to get to, including more monsters, Camp and passive Party Leader skills, a surface and dungeon shops, and a classic Text String save feature. If people like this well enough, we’ll put together a Post-Compo Version with these features and more. But after a few day’s rest… it’s been intense!

...or the stone tile floor, as the case may be.

…or the stone tile floor, as the case may be.


All assets, design, and the game engine itself were produced for the Mini LD 50 Jam. Other than a pre-existing Java code base, and a handful of graphical assets, all content and features were created within 72 hours (with a small break taken between sessions, because it was a practice run). The game was coded using LWJGL, and managed via Trello. Audio was produced using BFXR, Reaper, and featured the Elder Thing VST plugin. Story stylistic development was inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s Huis Clos and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Character names came from Behind The, and additional names and literary references run the gamut from European and Greek Mythology, classic Combat RPGs, and H.P. Lovecraft, to works of gothic literature

If you like our stuff, feel free to check out our new devblog, Victory Garden Games, where we’ll be talking about LD plans, as well as some of our upcoming projects! Thanks a ton, and I hope you have a great time playing our game.

Credits and High Scores:

Fireh9lly: Music and Audio Effects (High Score: Infinity + 1)

Magma McFry: Programming Forever (High Score: 5,759)

Solifuge: Director, Graphics, and Game Design (High Score: 4,867)

Vector: Writing and Entity Data Scripting (High Score: 2,923)

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