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In? Sure! Making a game? Maaaybe…

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 7:51 am

After several failures and setbacks, I’m determinated to finish a game this time.

With a lot more experience under my belt and tons more motivation I’m pretty sure I still doubt I can make it, but I have to try!

I still don’t know how much work time I’ll have, but I’m guessing I’ll have at least 24 hours, which is enough, I think.


Challange considered



IDE: Komodo Edit (I love komodo, but It’s so freaking slow!)

Language: Javascript

Platform: HTML5 FTW!

Browser: Chrome obviously! I might test the game in other browsers before publishing, tho.

Os: Ubuntu. I’m still using 12.04…

Engines/frameworks/libraries: I might use any of these frameworks/libraries, but I’ll probably write everything from scratch:

Music/sfx: Famitracker, Bfxr and maybe Garageband.

Let's make some chiptunes already!

Let’s make some chiptunes already!


Gfx: Graphics? Whaaat are those?

Well, as I suck at any kind of visual art, I’ll probably make a game with squares, circles and triangles for graphics (probably circles tho, circle collision detection is freaking easy to do). If I ever consider to make pixel art, I’ll probably use Gimp.


Programmer art...

Who wants some programmer art? I don’t. And yes, that is a house.


File hosting: Dropbox . I can’t live without Dropbox. Seriously, Dropbox. I need it!

Version control: I might try to learn how to use Git until friday. Otherwise…


These are the configurations of my <sarcasm> super beefy computer </sarcasm>:

  • 1.8 ghz Intel pentium dual core
  • 1 GB of ram.
  • Intel GMA integrated GPU (super mega old).
  • 500 GB samsung hard drive.


Last, and most importantly, an overview of my SUPER ULTRA MEGA LD 28 VGM PLAYLIST!

  • Castlevania Bloodlines soundtrack. Length: 32 min. Commentary: I love Castlevania music and I love FM synths. You can probably guess I love this soundtrack.
  • Thunder force IV soundtrack. Length: 96 min. Commentary: I found about this game last week, and I’m loving the soundtrack. The FM drums are specially great! Why people used PCM drums on the Genesis so much? I don’t know, after all FM drums rock!
  • Super C soundtrack. Length: 16 min. Commentary: This soundtrack is genius. Seriously! The way they use the DMC channel to play “orchestra hits” is also pretty clever!
  • Gimmick! Soundtrack. Length: 28 min. Commentary: This is also a very clever soundtrack. It uses the DMC channel to play bass sound, à la Sunsoft.
  • Tower of heaven soundtrack. Length: 16 min. Commentary: I love this soundtrack. It’s not real chiptune, but it really reassembles the limitations those soundchips had. Another thing I love about it is that every song is based on the same theme, so, you hear the same theme and melodies all over the soundtrack. That can be pretty annoying if you didn’t like the main theme, but that’s not my case.
  • Castlevania (NES) soundtrack. Length: 16 min. Commentary: A classic. If you’ve not heard it, shame on you! Prog rock FTW!
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night soundtrack. Length: 68 min. Commentary: I LOVE this soundtrack. The two things that make this soundtrack special for me are the sound quality and variety. It goes from metal to punk, then it goes to emo, then t to prog, then to latin music, then to baroque… It’s NUTS!
  • Castlevania (NES) full OST piano cover. Length: 19 min. Commentary: Listening to this soundtrack never is too much, specially when so cleverly arranged!
  • Ninja Gaiden (NES) soundtrack. Length: 55 min. Commentary: I didn’t play much of this game or listen to the soundtrack, but, from what I heard, I can see it’s awesome.
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles soundtrack. Length: 87 min. Commentary: This had to be in my list. I think it’s already clear to the reader that I absolutely love FM synths. Now, to that FM synth love, add great compositions, clever use of the YM2612 chip, well over one hour of length and the nostalgia factor… I love it!
  • Sonic 2 soundtrack (Genesis). Length: 39 min. Commentary: Sonic 2 isn’t one of my favorites, neither is it’s music, but it’s still freaking good.
  • Sonic CD soundtrack (Japan). Length: 42 min. Commentary: I didn’t play much of this game or hear the soundtrack, but I know it’s awesome.
  • Sonic CD soundtrack (US). Length: 51 min. Commentary: Awesome as the japanese version (stop arguing which one is the best you fanboy!)
  • Silver surfer (NES) soundtrack. Length: 14 min. Commentary: This is the genius of the genius. Definetely on my top 5 NES soundtracks. I’m still being completely blown away every time I open the NSF on Famitracker! The Follin brothers used SO many tricks at the same time! They really mastered the art of chiptune.
  • Time Trax (Genesis) soundtrack. Length: 27 min. Commentary: The only Genesis game to feature music by Tim Follin. Sadly, it has never been released. But the soundtrack is still awesome. What would you expect from the Follin bros?
  • Castlevania Circle of the Moon soundtrack. Length: 23 min. Commentary: This soundtrack is also great. I really love how the GBA is basicaly a portable SNES but with much more horsepower.
  • Castlevania Curse of Darkness soundtrack. Length: 145 min. Commentary: Never played the game. Or heard the soundtrack. But it’s Castlevania! C’mon, it can’t be bad!
  • Mega man 2 soundtrack. Length: 24 min. Commentary: My favorite Mega man game. Also one of my favorite soundtracks! The songs are rather simple compared with it’s succesors, but I like that.
  • Mega man 3 soundtrack. Length: 29 min. Commentary: A great game. I don’t like it that much, basicaly because I suck at it. The soundtrack shows a big technical quality jump compared to Mega man 2.
  • Super Mario Bros 1-3 soundtrack. Length: 78 min. Commentary: I’ve never been a big Mario fan, but the soundtracks are great. They definetely have a different musical style. Very cheesy and chill.
  • Super Castlevania IV and Super Turrican soundtracks. Length: 74 min. Commentary: Again, a game that I’ve not played much. I just know some songs from it, but the ones I know are awesome, so, I guess the whole soundtrack is great too. We shall see… This video also contains the Super Turrican soundtrack. Never heard about it.
  • Mega man 6 soundtrack. Length: 28 min. Commentary: I’ve heard this soundtrack a couple times, I played the game a bit and I know Yamato man is awesome, but I’m still not familiarized with it. What better that listening to the soundtrack to get familiarized with it?
  • Mega man 9 soundtrack. Length: 44 min. Commentary: I’ve heard this soundtrack a dozen times or so… It’s just gets better the more you listen to it!
  • Super Meat boy soundtrack. Length: 165 min. Commentary: Hey, it’s time for some indies! I have only two things to say about this soundtrack. Firstly: If you’ve not heard it, what’s your problem? Secondly: Danny B is a freaking genius!
  • Bastion Soundtrack. Length: 61 min. Commentary: Such a intriguing soundtrack. It has some pretty different instrumentations. I definetely recommend it. Bastion is also one of my favorite games of all time, and the first game that made me cry.
  • Sword & Sworcery LP. Length: 62 min. Commentary: This soundtrack has a very different style from the others in this list. It’s  indie rock-ish, I would say. I’ve heard it a dozen times or so, and it’s getting better every time I listen to it.
  • Cave Story soundtrack. Length: 42 min. Commentary: My favorite game of all time. Also my favorite soundtrack of all time. It just has such a huge emotional load for me.
  • PPPPPP. Length: 33 min. Commentary: SoulEye is a genius. This soundtrack is just too epic.
  • The Legend of Zelda (NES) soundtrack. Length: 8 min. Commentary: You definetely know this one. It’s a classic. It’s great, despite its technical simplicity.
  • The Binding of Isaac soundtrack. Length: 72. Commentary: Such a weird game and such a dark soundtrack. It evokes strange feelings in me.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The world: The game soundtrack. Length: 46 min. Commentary: I freaking love Anamanaguchi. That’s all.


Wow! That’s way over 20 hours of VGM! Great!


EDIT: Show me some love for writing such a long “I’m in” post, and give me your heart (not literally, please. I don’t have the equipment needed to preserve its functionality).

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