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Free Game Jam Menu Template for Unity 5

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 5:22 pm

I posted this a while back when we released it but I figured I’d repost as things heat up for LD33. This is a simple menu UI / audio package that you can download for free from the Unity Asset Store. There’s a list of functionality below, as well as a live training session I did for Unity’s YouTube about how to set it up and use it here.  If you have questions there’s a forum thread here. Hopefully this helps you focus on making fun games and less on boring stuff during the jam! If you end up using it drop me some feedback on the forum or via twitter (@mattmirrorfish).



You can download it from the Unity Asset Store here, for free


Main Menu
-Placeholder title image and title text
-Start Button
– Options Button
– Quit Button
– Fade to black (or any color assigned to FadeImage) when transitioning out of main menu to main scene

Options Panel
-Music Volume
-Sound Effects Volume
-Back Button

Pause Panel
-Music Volume
-Sound Effects Volume
– Resume Button
– Quit Button

– Change or loop music clips when starting game
-Music pre-routed to Audio Mixer, connected to UI

Other functionality:

-Can be used either with single scene or multi-scene games.

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