Ludum Dare 31
December 5th-8th, 2014

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I’m in – My forth LudumDare Compo

Posted by (twitter: @@moongateuk)
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 11:44 am

So as the title says I’m in for my fourth LudumDare, I’m hoping that being away from game development for a little while will have helped with not making a mountain out of a mole hill for the 48 hour compo.

So let’s hope this one goes further than any of my other games.


The following are my weapons of choice:

Engine - Unity3d.

Graphics - Photoshop and Maybe Inkscape.

Programming Language - C#.

Audio - Bfxr, Fakemusicgenerator and FL Studio.


I will make my descision on what style I do when the themes go through. I’m still debating on the visual style at the moment and if it will be 2d or 3D.

I’ll try to make a timelapse or live stream the entire event.

More info can be found on my twitter feed @moongateuk and on my website


Post Ludum Dare 30 Release – Back and Forth

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Thursday, September 25th, 2014 4:56 pm

My team and I were really happy about how well our LD30 Jam submission Back and 4th turned out and we saw a lot of potential in it.  We decided to continue working on it and release it as a full game on Android (and hopefully ios in the future).  This was our first time releasing a game for something other than a game jam and our first time working with Android, but things went incredibly smoothly the past month of development.  We managed to add over twice the amount of gameplay, put in polished menus and UI instead of placeholder ones, and add a full fledged level editor.  Thanks to everyone who played, rated, or commented on our game jam submission as that is what encouraged us to make something more of our game.

Check it out!



Space Rails timelapse!

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Friday, September 12th, 2014 5:27 am

Here is the timelapse of how we made Space Rails:


We really enjoyed making it, but as with our other games (Macro Marines, Mighty-chondria and ❏♥❀) we spent a lot of time working on a complex system and not so much time working on the gameplay.

This time the complex system was the ability to draw rails freehand in space, and have the trains follow and branch different ways.  Also the supply/demand economy of the different planets has a lot going on behind the scenes.




Will we ever learn?

Ludum Dare 30 Postpartum

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 3:43 pm

I wrote about my experience with Ludum Dare on my personal site.

LD30 – Planetary Devourers can be considered a puzzle game in which you have to navigate an all-consuming swarm from planet to planet in order to reach a warpgate to another solar system. The swarm consumes the planets it occupies, destroying them once they are completely consumed. This can cause the swarm to get stranded in space, sentencing it to doom with no way to escape.

More information about the game itself can be found on the official LD30 – Planetary Devourers game page.

Read the rest of the article on my site.

Crystal Planet – post mortem

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 5:46 am

Crystal Planet



You have to send special signal to make connection to another planet.
Signal is a result of adding multiple lasers with different colors (RGB).
Lasers beam are created from generators(flying balls).
You can apply specific color to generator using crystals and your laser.

Your task is to prepare your SIGNAL similar to TARGET signal.

To change target, press [space].


I started with idea of making 3d “laser and mirrors” type of game. Where you would have mirrors with different colours, and your beam react different on each one. I even succeed but find it very difficult to control beam direction. After fighting 1 day to make it enjoyable I dropped it. Finally I ended up with concept of split colour to R G B code and make objective to generate given colour (RGB code) to connect to another planet.


After last LD where I fight a lot with creating graphic by my own, I decided that next (this) LD I will start in jam. Possibility to use already created assets so I could spend few hours on creating effects, or level design and then focus on gameplay was good decision.


First time I used electric guitar for sounds effect and I’m very happy of it. I planned to spend more time on recording audio, but because of loosing time on first idea that I dropped I could use only audio that I recorded for tests. Anyway final result is ok, and I’m sure I will make something better next time!


I’m thinking about possibility to run over planet, explore new crystals and then prepare special signals. Then each signal could create something, or make special attack for different targets.

Do not hesitate to try!

Elyseus Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @doc_pollo)
Thursday, August 28th, 2014 5:01 am

This was my second LD, so I took it with a more relaxed mindset than the previous one. I aimed for the 48h challenge but if I didn’t have something playable I could always enter the jam. Eventually I’d submit Elyseus for the 48h compo :D


Tools used:
This was my first Ludum Dare using Unity.
For the graphics I used Photoshop as always.
For the music I used Music Creator 6 and my trusty midi keyboard.
Sfxr and Audacity for the sound effects, with some recordings of my own.


What went right:
Music and sound are hard to get right in so little time. In my last Ludum dare I didn’t even had time to make music. So for this one I gave it more priority.
The first morning I dedicated it to make some music to set the general mood for the game. I originally intended to make another variation for the underworld music, but left it as an optional goal which sadly I didn’t met. But overall I think the music fitted just well enough.
I also wanted to make some satisfying combat sounds. The sounds for the main enemies’ bones exploding deaths were made from a combination of Sfxr explosion sounds and a recording of some dirty cheap dice rolling :P
The “clink” sound for the shield mechanic, which at first wasn’t even planned to exist but I had to implement it because the combat was so frustrating, was made by hitting my coffee maker with a pen!
Also, the world change effect worked surprisingly good, although it’s a bit incomplete. I wanted to fade the enemies from both worlds to be able to see what was coming, but only got it halfway and the appearing enemies just pop around when you are already in that world, so sometimes it’s a bit unfair.

What went wrong:
The main idea behind Elyseus was a lot bigger in my head, and big is always bad for a jam. For instance I originally planned to have a more simple combat to be able to make it quickly so I could make more features. Features which initially included online play invading other people’s games Dark Souls style… But that was way too much. So I focused on making sure what I did was at least fun to play.
The base objective of the game eventually ended as a cyclical infinite battle with the only possible ending being death. I wanted to make a more positive ending, but didn’t have enough time or any good and clear idea for it.
The other critical point was that to make the cyclical aspect, you could fight against another hero and without online implemented, I had to make an A.I. and A.I. is difficult to make. I spent the majority of the last day trying to make that work, even as shitty an A.I. it ended up being…

It’s always a learning experience. At the end of it I had a playable game. In my opinion not enough fine tuned as I wanted but playable nontheless. I hope you have fun playing it! I want to know what you think!

Here’s the link to it:

When Worlds Collide

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 4:46 pm

Hi everyone :) the game I created for this LD is ‘When Worlds Collide

You can play, rate & brutally criticize it here!

Direct unity web player link here!

gameplay screenshot

No this is not real space, it’s honestly a gameplay screenshot. Believe it son.

Mechanics :

– Randomly generated solar systems, planets, moons etc.

– Hover your mouse over planets to see planet name, planet population, and planet wealth

– Grapple multiple planets to haul them around the solar system

– Solar system radar displaying location of planets and the sun

– Player health

– Destructible planets and moons

– Dogfight with enemy fighters (pretty tough; got it in last minute)


Keys :

‘Spacebar‘ = Grapple planets

‘F’ = Fullscreen

‘Enter/Return’ = shoot

‘R’ = Create new solar system

‘WASD’ = Move up, left, down, right

‘Left Click’  = Hide controls

‘Mouse Hover’ = View planet information


gameplay screenshot

This one is actually a picture of real space.


Extra : 

The game is a little rough, but I feel pretty confident with how much content I got into it. There isn’t a definitive goal but it’s still an interesting free roam concept :)

It’d be awesome if you guys & gals would check it out and tell me what you think and give it a rate. And again, criticism is encouraged. Have a good one! :)

- Follow Me : @OfficialDingbat

Spacecat Marines!

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 4:49 am

It is done! Go check it out :)

In Spacecat Marines you go from world to world in your ship, the Bigglesworth. You have a crew of spacecats with their own unique appearances and equipement, which accompany you on missions. During those you have to defend power-cores in fps/td-hybrid. They also get more experience and level up in rank.



  • Your unique team of Spacecat Marines
  • Neat Soundtrack
  • Spacecat Marines. With guns.
  • Non-linear progression – chose which mission to do next
  • 12 missions with different challenges
  • A ship to connect you between worlds


I also made a timelapse, showing me working furiously:


Soul sucking gun?! Slimes?! Yea, it’s Demi Necro

Posted by (twitter: @GraveyardPolice)
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 1:16 am



Gfycat link


Go get you some twin-stick arcade style shmup action!!!

Play as a rogue wanderer, with a mystical gun capable of absorbing lost souls for ammunition.

Stop the creatures from another realm from capturing enough souls to grow to their true forms!

Must to be Invasion Post-Mortem LD30 (Jam) – Solo

Posted by (twitter: @progex)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 1:13 pm

Hi guys, this is a post-mortem of : Must to be Invasion

For those who have not played I recommend you play, to better understand what I mean. I will cite references in the game to practical examples.

What I used:
– Unity 4.6 (2D project)
– Photoshop
– Audition
– Google


Day 22/08 – Start: 23h – Total work: 5 hours
– 3 hours of brainstorm
– 1 hour enhancement concept
– 1 hour prototype
– Sleep (4am day 23)

Day 23/08 – Start: 13h – Total labor: 16 hours
– 2 hours drive to implement player
– 3 hours collecting the web assets
– 2 pm Lunch / Dinner / Rest / Play / Chat
– Implement person 30 minutes
– 1 hours Implementing player commands (shoot, abduct)
– 30 minutes Implement cars
– 1 hours Implementing fake-physics
– 1 hours tidying bugs
– 1 hours rewriting code to be more readable
– 2 hours placing and arranging scenery animations, camera
– 2 hours writing fake-AI for helicopters
– 30 minutes implementing the helicopters
– “Breakfast” 30 minutes
– 1 hours testing and correcting bugs
– Sleep (15h day 24)

Day 24/08 – Start: 15h – Total labor: 7 hours
– 4 hours Rest / Eat / Play
– 1 hours tidying bugs
– 30 minutes implementing life cycle (person dies -> turns ghost -> abducts -> turns zombie)
– 1 hours Fixing problems in resolving
– 1 hours recreating scenario
– 1 hours and adding difficulty leaving the way I think it has to be the level
– 30 minutes implementing sound
– 2 hours doing input screen and other screens
– end


This was my first ludumdare, but not first GameJam. So there are some things I had in mind when I decided to enter:
– Make a game that I already have in mind how to start (like platform, running, football, etc), ie, not risk on land that I have no idea where to start
– Use an engine and language (programming) I understand and used before
– The clear concept is the key
– Eat well
– Sleep well
– Know what your potential. Ex: not necessarily choose the first idea that comes to mind after seeing the theme
– Know the difference between technique and what can be done in 48h / 72h. I often fall into the trap of thinking you could do a game in so long only because I had already had done and know-how, but unfortunately time is needed, not only to produce but to fix things that do not work, improving among other aspects. Ex: Make a spaceship game
– Do a post-mortem of the game and numbering (if possible) what were the failures and what happened as planned. This also applies to personal growth

What I learned and / or should have done
– I need to learn more about other areas (art, sound). Ex: Scenario
– I need to stop spending so much time on things that will not change the player experience, or enrich the game. Ex: animation of the input screen
– Structured better the game, from beginning to end before starting. Ex: no end, and in the middle of the project I thought of putting an end, put two players
– Having planned my time better. Ex: I overslept and spent time playing and doing other things

What will never be satisfied and always will think that I have to improve (for game jams)
– Learn more about the tool
– Structure the game before you start
– Polishing, polishing and polishing. I know it’s not possible, but I feel well and is not too bad.
– Mechanics and Design Level


Do not know if this will help someone, I found it necessary to share with you what I went through.
There is a saying: what good is an education if you do not pass along?

For the last, I encourage you to write and share your post-mortem, I would love to read.

I hope I have been as thorough. I swear I blacked out many other details to spare you from them.

Comments, criticisms are welcome.

Thanks for reading this far.


Images – More images here

“The Other Sky” now avaliable

Posted by (twitter: @Jishenaz)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 7:07 pm


If you want to wander in a surreal world, try my entry “The Other Sky”. The Ludum Dare version only has 3 levels, but hopefully I could make a better version in the future.

I really enjoyed making this game, but I wished the I could make the levels more intricate. The theme unfortunately induced me to try to make something very ambitious. But other all I had fun.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.59.58 PM

Ludum Dare 30 Entry “Rescue Shump”

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 3:09 pm

Rescue Shump – musicm122 – Jam Entry



Rescue Shump : The shump where you don’t shoot anybody.

My First LD48 Entry submitted EVAR!

You: A member of a technologically advanced society, whose sworn mission is to save refuges of other time and space incidents before their world is destroyed.

Safely maneuver an unstable planet and save as many survivors as you can before their world explodes.


#1- Slow Down Time
#2- Dodge Immediate threat
Space – Emergency Brake and pick up survivors
Left and right keys – Accelerate & decelerate
Up and Down keys- Move ship up and down



So I drew a lot of the inspiration from a portion of the pop fiction novel When Worlds Collide. Specifically when they fly a rocket around  the world to collect animals and people to survive the explosion of the two colliding planets.


I wanted to focus more on the narrative of the individuals piloting the ship and as the survivors. If I were to build on this I’d add a mode in the game that would allow the player to walk around in the ship and in the world (thinking FF6 in the airship) and delve into the whos, whys and whats of the Org that is indiscriminately saving everyone they possibly can as well as the origin of the ship and its pilot.

Development Issues\Challenges\Wishful thoughts

  • I hate that I had to spend so much time on UI stuff. I should build in more ui stuff for any future jams. (Which is pretty much my least favorite thing to do in Game Development)
  • I did start to put together enemy planes and the like but didn’t feel I had enough time for a decent AI and I wasn’t so sure I could make sense for something like that in the narrative. At the end of the world who in their right mind would be trying to kill  humanities’ last hope?
  • I wanted audio but my sound card was being a pain for the duration.
  • I totally ignored setting up any sort of parallax
  • I wanted a timer and for the falling debris to gradually get worse the longer you played.
  • Generally I would have liked to have a valid way to articulate a narrative with dialog.

The Future:

If anything I think it might make an okay mobile game…. Not really sure I wanna do anything atm though. It was a welcomed diversion and I had a lot of fun. At this point I’ m just happy I have something submitted that is relatively playable.


  • No death animation for mountain collision death. The game just ends.
  • No end of level
  • You can rescue survivors an unlimited amount of times
  • When dead and selecting restart game stays paused.

Repost here

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