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Slime Spire Showdown

Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:35 pm

You vs. a small squad of silly slimes in Slime Spire Showdown, a mini twinstick roguelite a la The Binding of Isaac! Windows build is up, more platforms to follow. Have fun!

Play Now!

Slime Spire Showdown

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@rojomojogogo on Twitter

It’s a wrap, sort of …

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:21 pm

So, our first Ludum Dare is a wrap! And what fun it was. We did manage to produce a very rough prototype of our game called Glitch. It’s a game about a pixel that has become sentient after a tv short circuits.
Glitch, screeny
see it here

Sadly, our team had very limited time this weekend. In total I think we only managed to put 12 hours of work into it. A lot of things feel unpolished and the game misses that sense of directive. But hey, for something none of us ever tried before, I think we did a reasonable job.

On the bright side: we are very excited about the premise of the game and game design in general. In the next couple of weeks, the game will be revamped into something enjoyable and thrilling. Moreover, this little speed game creation session has taught us so many things, from process management to art direction, that it was definitely worth our time and efforts.

We will be joining Ludem Dare next time and make sure no interruptions befall us!

Just in time

Posted by (twitter: @Nekith)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:08 pm


Like yesterday, a little too tired to write a “real” post, but we’re done with our entry !

So it’s called Goblin Crown Fever and it’s about goblins, ghosts, greed and time.

Happy conquest !

Sol Defender FINISHED!

Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:01 pm

Well sort of =\… It is such a complicated game to make in 72 hours. I think I pulled it off (I was solo) but I was unable to make (and play-test) the levels.

Good news though! Sol Defender has a “Custom Level” choice where you can create your own levels using the in-game editor ;)… So thats fun :D


Sol Defender - Gameplay Sol Defender - Menu Sol Defender - Beginning Sol Defender - Level Editor


Now lets go vote friends!

With love… Jake :D

Perfect Squad

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 5:43 pm

My Ludum Dare game, “Perfect Squad” is now up. I really wanted to do an FPS so I came up with the idea that you’d control each squad mate individually and then the game replays all the recorded actions of all 4 squad mates simultaneously. You can redo each of your squad mates actions individually till it’s perfect. The overview screen (entire game on this screen) shows a replay of all 4 members of your squad. Sort of a turn-based FPS.

Perfect Squad Clip

You control all 4 squad mates

Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to complete everything I wanted to do but the recording and playback of each squad members actions is there. Check it out!


Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2014 4:06 pm

Our game is finally ready! Enjoy it, and write your impressions in comments!



// Team ‘Dostoyevsky Balls’

Success! :D

Posted by (twitter: @lemmily89)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 4:04 pm

For my first Ludum Dare, I have made a game! :)

So there are some aspects that are quite crude still, but the general gist of the game is there. I’m happy after a faulty start (god-damn it weird non-theme, theme).

I present my match 3 game, Match Cube!

matchCube1 matchCube2


So the match algorithms a bit hincky at times, and I couldn’t get mouse rotation working, but I mades it! :D

Theme Hacking – Video

Monday, December 8th, 2014 10:31 am

I just made a video of my entry. So easy to hack the theme with 100% true hacker tool!

Make a try:


Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2014 5:34 am

I decided to build my own posing tools for Unity. Yes, that was an excellent idea.

Almost Gang Beasts.

This guy knows some rad moves.

End of hour 54 – Getting fun now

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 1:54 am

So, I switched to the Jam. Didn’t feel the game was good enough with what it had, and I hadn’t finished animating in time for the Compo deadline. Now the end result will be way better, way more polished and just generally better.


Got a ton done today – everything I told myself I would and more:

  1. Entirety of UI is now completed (Unity 4.6 UI system is the best thing ever)
  2. Player redrawn and animated completely
  3. Player now has four stats
  4. Chests now provide permanent stat bonuses upon being opened
  5. Overhauled player & enemy movement – way less buggy
  6. Map now has a slight elevation modifier to each line, so it’s less boring
  7. Sounds added! Music and more from BeepBox and BFXR.

Also, the Unity 4.6 UI system is freaking amazing. No, I don’t care that I already said that.

I originally wanted the map to have better random generation and wanted to instead add Perlin Noise to it, but that caused weird problems if you turned around, so I had to downgrade it to simply having it being randomized within a specific range. Still less boring, so it’s good enough.

As for the player movement, I finally fixed a jumping bug that had been plaguing me since I added player movement. Occasionally, the game would never realize the player left the ground, and he’d be able to jump infinitely. Adding one variable change upon jumping fixed that, and I also ended up actually using Unity’s ForceMode2D system which made movement way smoother and more responsive.

The main thing I’ve gotta address for tomorrow is enemy difficulty scaling. As it stands, you can get infinitely powerful in every stat except speed, so if you played right you’d become essentially immortal. I plan to make the enemies rise in difficulty with each successive spawning of them, and plan to make killing them reward you with experience, which will provide a less frequent but more powerful permanent bonus similar to what opening chests does now. This will add incentive to killing enemies: Kill them and grow stronger; If you don’t, they’ll get stronger faster than you. Other than this, all that’s left is general polish.

Anyways, Unity 4.6 has a great UI system, and good luck!

Progress at hour 54

Posted by (twitter: @rjhelms)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 1:45 am

Today was a somewhat frustrating day. Until just now, I didn’t feel like I had gotten very much accomplished for the time I spent – but comparing it to where I was last night, it’s some pretty significant progress.

Accomplished today:

  • Added two new constructable items, walls and mortars.
  • Made the UI actually do things, to support selection.
  • Expanded path-finding to support walls and buildings being uncrossable.
  • Added cycles of enemy fire – both gunfire and mortar fire cycle on and off.

Right now, things are looking a bit like this:


I spent way too much time on stupid hangups. Pathfinding gave me a lot of grief, and I spent way too long fighting with the regex search and replace in MonoDevelop for no good reason.

The number of things in between me and a finished game seem manageable now:

  • Two more types of buildings: machine guns and medics. These should be quick with the framework I’ve put in with the mortars.
  • Making the buildings do things. Again, most of the framework is there.
  • The actual “over the top” action to assault the (unseen) enemy, possibly resulting in victory.
  • A lose condition
  • Sounds & music
  • Animations & particle effects, if I get to it – doubtful at this point.

This is a much more ambitious project than I took on last Ludum Dare. Oops.

Snakkke submittted

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 7:33 pm


I didn’t really expected that I would enter the compo, but 3 hours before the deadline I scrapped my idea and created this simple snake clone!

Pls play and rate it!

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