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Team TurretBox starting their development

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 1:31 am

TurretBox team plann


Alraight we just woke up early to get into the jamm, we are now planning the game and finding inspiration.

We are not worried about the theme as this was one we hoped for, we wont reveal to much but a couple of screenshotts of the game. Also still I hope you guys will give us feedback on what you excpect.

Current plan; Make a planning for what needs to be done (The team coder has alredy finised this) and start modelling the game assets, when we have finished the game assets and mechanicks we are going head on the texturing and smaller details.


Engine: Unity 5.3

Engine Extensions: Node system, Terminal, Texture tools, Chrome Shaders and light systems – All these extensions have been made by the team coder

Game main Theme: Ancient technology

Game Themes: Mystic, adventure, fiction, mindfuck

Game Genre: Horror

Team: TurretBox


  •  Team Co Leader, CptNaughty


  •  Feedback is apriciated


  •  If anyone wishes to join the team and prove their worth we are more then willing to take extra help.


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