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Games I’ve played

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 12:56 pm

Well instead of writing a summary about my own game I’ve spent a lot of today looking at what everybody else has done. It can be quite tendious to find good games that can be run from your browser. So below is some I’ve played, and some that I believe really do need to be shared a bit more:

The Best: you have probably found these already, but I am certain that they will all score highly

  • Cubevo by NostraDamon : 3D world building game with tense puzzle elements
  • Evoland by ncannasse : Amazing Zelda style game that as you play develops by adding all the features you expect from a modern game.

The Underexposed: these games are gems, but sadly have hardly any ratings or comments, please pay them a visit…

    • Mars Evolution by morganquirk : play as an astronaut terraforming mars, the atmosphere and pixel art is amazing, but sadly currently only has 7 ratings :(
    • Radioactive Space Bunnies by zimmy87: a very random platformer where you play as neon coloured bunnies.
    • EvolutionWars by Spouwny: adapt the genome of your troops and workers to attack the enemy base who is doing the same.
    • Fantasy Map Tactics by McFunkypants: move your 3 herralds around procuduarly generated map with a lord of the rings style pen drawn look to it and  bring the word of science to all the cities while avoiding evil armies.
    • DNA by KEFIR: play as a fish that can evolve to walk and fly around the map.
    • Targeted Evolution by johnfn: humourous platformer where you “fix” (destroy) terminals collect powerup cards with the help of the professor and combine them to grant new powers.
    • Alien Rockpool by DustyStylus: lead a swarm of alien tadpoles to take down 3 predators (bosses)
    • Shit! It’s evolving by fruitfly: best title yet, a self explatory retro 2.5D shooter

The Worst: just had to point out the single worst game I’ve tried

  • simUniverse by Rex Peppers: Hold down a space bar and a counter will increase, the description says something interesting happens after 200  million years.


If you got through all that lot then prehaps you might like to try out my own game (shameless self promotion), “Bear Selection” its a relaxing sandbox game where you watch creature mutate, evolve and multiply. You have to manage them by prevent overpopulation and starvation caused from eating all the foliage so that the creatures can evolve to the final stage… a care bear! Its more of a sit back and watch kind of game, but its my first ever LD entry, my second ever game and my first object orentatied Java Script program. (Until now I have only coded in C for a University numerical methods course and some VB in college).


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