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The Umbrella Man – Post Mortem

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 6:23 pm

My first ludum dare!

After a bit depressing beginning (i had to remove many elements from my initial concept), i managed to recover and  appreciate that bit that has come out in this 72 hours!

Since i had no time (and also no skills xD) i had to remove different things:
– Obstacles (like birds that stun you, or chewing gum that slow you down);
– Other upgrades ( an other recharger, more lives .. )
– A better management of the increase of the difficulty during the game;
– A better management of the physics ( to be honest is cause he has the umbrella that he jumps that way, all wanted!);

What i’ve learned from this 32° Ludum Dare?
That you must not give up, that even if it all seems a disaster in the end it can be the opposite, just don’t give up!
Besides, i’ve understood that the concept must be really simple and you may add your extra ideas to a “to do list”, to use just in case you have enough time!
Enough, yes, because even if it doesn’t seems, in the end you will find yourself improving many details, and it will probably takes some hours that were not foreseen!
Resisting to the temptation of giving all up, i managed to complete “The Umbrella Man”,
here it is!


If you want, play it and leave a comment! Thanks you all!

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