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Dark Interval (for Windows & Linux)

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 9:46 am

Dark Interval, is a fast-paced escape-the-room-type survival horror game. You have 10 seconds to explore and survive the obstacles in each room before the Torment Hunter gets to you.
Windows & Linux builds are available for download! Web build is coming shortly provided I can sort out the audio glitches.
Recommended to play fullscreen, headphones on, and with gamepad that supports vibration! Have fun! :)

Play the game here:

Dark Interval Title Screen




In the zone, but Eclipse is not cooperating?

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 3:32 pm

I’m finally getting into the zone. I’m finishing the breeding mechanics and interfaces, and I’m getting many simple and good ideas for the game, and ideas on how to implement those.

In my current computer, it is not likely that I will be able to dedicate any work or graphics or sound, but it sounds like a fun game is brewing. Expect a prototype in a few hours.

By the way, has anyone else had issues with Eclise+Ubuntu? Whenever Eclipse autocomplete something for me, it loses mouse input, and I have to alt+tab to some other program before Eclipse can recover mouse input… it just happens on this computer with Unity, no problems on my KDE boxes. Anyone knows a simple solution?


So,Here it Goes…

Posted by (twitter: @5310)
Thursday, August 18th, 2011 11:13 pm

Hullo, I’m Scio. Nice to meet you :bows:.

This is actually my third Ludum Dare, but so far I have been totally asocial and never even introduced myself, let alone post the games, of which there was only one that was even remotely playable. Don’t ask.

But motivated by the trivial coincidence of this being LD #21 and being 21 years old myself, I have finally braved an intro. I am quite proud of that.

Let’s see if I can make a game too; shouldn’t be too hard. No pressure…

I will be working with the following tools, depending on how far I manage to go of course:

  • The ever lovely LÖVE, if making a desktop game. This’ll mean lua.
  • The ever…scripty…Processing.js, if making a web game. This’ll make it sort of javascript, sort of Processing.
  • Inkscape, GIMP, and Mypaint for graphics.
  • Blender for CGI: I won’t be making a 3D game.
  • Sfxr (yay) for sound effects, and possibly Neil if daring to make music.
  • My snazzy, Compiz-y desktop running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
  • Certain other non-computational implements.

I will, almost certainly, not be able to make the competition deadlines, so I’ll focus on Jam instead. And I will try to come up with something fitting the winning theme, but if I can’t…I’ll just choose another one I like and roll with it >.>

As for participation: I will silently stalk the IRC, and try to visit the Hangouts if my connection holds. I don’t have enough bandwidth (or courage) to livestream my work, but I will set up gLapse which was thoughtfully made for this very occasion!

Furthermore, I promise not to get too nervous and go into zen-procrastination-mode like I usually do during rushes.


[Also: Did I go overboard with the tags?]

Infection Fighter – back to work

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009 3:31 pm

I got back to work about two hours ago (although I did stay up for an extra hour or two last night after saying I would sleep), and the game is coming along quite well.

Most importantly, I have managed to add some of the extra gameplay ideas I had yesterday. The gameplay is now some kind of mix of asteroids and puzzle bobble – with an infection theme, and in glorious monochrome…

I’ve also added a score (as you can see in the screenshot), and some basic sound effects – my musical skills are best described as NULL, so I’m not sure I’m going to add much more, but perhaps I’ll generate something with DrPetter’s sfxr if I think it’ll fit in (I found the debian/ubuntu binary package here if anyone’s looking for one as I’m getting unmet dependency problems installing libgtk to compile from source at the mo.)

Still to do – lives, deaths, writing the score to the file, and some better physics – but it’s come along.

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