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Thank you for LD34!

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Monday, January 4th, 2016 8:47 pm

Time to say thank you all again, for all the feedback we received for our game!

We hope to be here April again. It’s our first LD and we had a lot of good time playing games. It was more fun than we expected to review games. We did our best to be valuable in our comments too (positives or negatives).
We did a making of too… well, kinda.

Here is a 3D rendered version of our 2D character (the background is a random picture we found on Google, we’re not into the 3D modeling, it was just for fun).kevin_the_snowman


And again: Happy New Year!

Rape, Pillage, Makane!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 2:05 pm

I wrote a game called Rape, Pillage, Makane! for Ludum Dare 34. It’s a galorelike hypertext story inspired by Kristian Kirsfeldt’s 2003 Rape, Pillage, Galore! and the Stiffy Makane text adventures.

As its title implies, it features sex and violence, and not necessarily in a pleasant manner. It’s an absurd game but it’s also a serious statement. Please steer clear if you think that you may be disturbed or offended.

I’d been considering this material for about a week when Ludum Dare rolled around and gave me an excuse to write it. When I entered the compo, I didn’t realize how large it was going to be, or even that it would be judged! But I’m glad that I was able to participate.

I hope anyone who plays the game will find something to take away from it!

Play the game here.

RPM title

Hanami first playable build!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 1:38 pm




(Click on the image to play it!)


[ctrl+c “I’m in”] [ctrl+v] I’m in

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Thursday, December 10th, 2015 9:42 am

So I guess I’m in for like the 7th time or something. I’m starting to feel old haha. It’s still unclear what exactly I’ll be doing, as I may do the jam with one of my friends. If I go solo, I’ll be tinkering with:

Engine: Game Maker: Studio

Graphics: paint.NET

Sounds: sfxr & Mario Paint (Not kidding, using it to create basic tracks to then convert to a midi file. Then I’m going to throw said midi through some programs and sound fonts to hopefully make decent music!)

Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful dare! Remember to vote for two buttons!

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