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TOAST and Flash Online Scores tutorial reminder

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 4:18 am

Sunday morning at the game dev factory


Good morning Ludum Dare. I had one bite of my toast before I snapped out of it and realized I NEED A PICTURE OF MY FOOD!

Made my coffee.  Opened the window blinds. Eating my toast.

Got 5 hours of sleep again last night and am trying to stay both calm and pumped for the next 15 hours that remain. My game will hopefully change and improve a lot over this day.


One thing I wanted to post about that I remembered last night as I finished dropping in online highscores into my Flash game was that with such a large and new crop of LDers here there may be a few that use Flash and haven’t got an easy highscores option to encourage some friendly competition on their score based game.

Well have no fear! One option is to check out a tutorial I made here a year ago about how to drop MochiMedia global highscores into your game. You don’t have to use their wrapper or ads or anything–you can use just their highscore widget.

You can check out my tutorial here and feel free to ask any questions that may come up if you are using Flixel or FlashPunk I know people here have used it with those though sometimes you have to adapt my tutorial a bit I think.

Plus you can see how they work in my current LD entry here.

How to make crappy art

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 4:48 pm


UPDATE: Experience my poor art in a game, thanks to JonathanW!

I get peeved about things for no good reason a lot. One of those things is crappy art in games. I’m not really a great artist so I don’t know how to make good art, but I do know what I don’t like about bad art, so I decided to complain about it in the form of this exciting tutorial! I figure knowing what to avoid is at least as important as knowing what to do, so here is my guide to making really bad art for your game! (more…)

game makeing tutorial

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Friday, December 11th, 2009 6:59 pm

oh no LD haha its crappy game season

i hope the theme is snow because i know wher to get some LOL its in my back yard

i made a tutorial to help people I hope you like it

  1. get an idea. like rolling snow balls
  2. make a clear simple goal from it. “make the biggest snowball” isnt clear because you dont know biggest than what? i will use “roll up all the snow”. other good ones are: get to the exit without dieing, eat all the apples, kill the evil boss. if its not simple the game will be confusing
  3. add obstacles to get in the way. if the snowball is too big it will be too hard to push so thats my obstacle (you can only push it downhill). it will be a puzzle game to rollu p all the snow by finding the right way to roll your balls LOL
  4. make sure its not boring. if your game is about shoting enemys and theres no reason not to shoot them then its a crap game because “should I shoot him?” is a boring choice. good decisions make you give up something because fun is when you make risky decisions in your life. so the risk in my game is that rolling a ball makes it too big and then you lose the puzle
  5. test it by makeing a simple version on your paper so you know its fun. delete all your boring ideas, you mihgt have a lot of them so dont fall in love with your turd game haha. look at my game that i made in like 10 seconds while i typed this (my camera string is not part of it tho):prototype
    i also wrote down the rules which i edited until it was fun to play. can you get all the snow??? you move snowballs up down left or right, except against an arrow, unless they rolled into it. balls dont roll downhill automatically, you have to push them down. also its supposed to say “10 or more” snow. i already started that level it was kinda tricky
  6. now you can add powerups very carefully but dont forget to make them intersting tradeofs and dont add them if they make the game boring. i could add a rule to remove one snow by melting it with pee but I havent played the game enough to know if it would be any more fun also its kinda gross

so now you can make your game. but watch out for these highly important tips:

  • design while youre sleepy at night or just got up because thats when your brain is the best at creativity and art
  • write down your ideas so you dont forget them when youre programming
  • if youre not sure about an idea, do not do it. simpler is better.
  • finish the game in 24 hours, because it always takes twice as long as you expect

good luck making your crap game, everybody! (plz vote this 5 stars if you liked it)

EDIT 8/22/10: Updating slightly

I’ll likely be using a global leaderboard with my Flash game entry like last Ludum Dare because it can be really fun to encourage competition with fellow LDers on your game. I remember a few Flash devs being curious about the process so I wanted to post a brief step by step tutorial for those of you who want to take the plunge this weekend. If you are using AS3 I’ll also be hanging in the IRC channel and am happy to answer any tech issues you may have if you choose to implement these.

Without further ado — 10 Steps to Global Leaderboards:

  1. Login or create a new account over at MochiMedia.
  2. Once you are logged into your ‘Dashboard’ click the tab called ‘Add Game’.
  3. Fill out the ‘title’ and the ‘dimensions’ of your game. For the purposes of LD15 you don’t have to worry about using ‘Live Updates’ (their distributed version control system) so you can leave it on ‘No’ if you’d like. Click the submit button.
  4. At the next screen you can totally skip all these settings and hit the ‘Done’ button at the bottom if you’d like. Why? Well that is because all the settings on this page are related to using advertisements in your game which you probably don’t want to do for the purposes of LD15. Ads aren’t required at all to use their global leaderboards.
  5. Once you’ve clicked done you will see your game’s title in the game list on this screen. It should have a little ‘pause’ icon next to it. Don’t worry, this doesn’t matter. Click on the title of your game.
  6. Once you’ve clicked on the title of your game click the ‘Scores’ option to setup your highscores.
  7. You will see a little info about the leaderboards but the important part is to click the ‘Create Leaderboard’ button at the bottom.
  8. On the ‘Create Leaderboard’ screen enter the title for your leaderboard (ex: “Highscores” etc), optional description, and then any scoring format/sort data. Fairly self explanatory. If you are using a traditional ‘high scores = better’ then the defaults will probably be fine for you. One thing you may want to mess with is the color / transparent and formatting options near the bottom as that will let you configure the leaderboard widget to match your game’s color theme. I often do ‘transparent’ so that my game background will show through when this is displayed. You can edit this later as well. Click ‘Create Leaderboard’ again at the bottom to generate yours. (NOTE: I always click transparent and it resets to background.. you have to re-edit again and hit transparent and re-save for that option to stick.)
  9. Your leaderboard should be created now and you will be looking at a screen displaying it. The link now that you want to click on is called ‘actionscript code’. A bunch of fields will appear along with 2 radio buttons. One for AS2 and one for AS3. Pick the appropriate technology for your game. Also note your ‘game ID’ and ‘leaderboard ID’ as you will need these later.
  10. You can use these provided code snippets in tabs labeled ‘submit score’, ‘submit score and name’ and ‘show leaderboard’ to get the relevant editable code snippets to drop in that will connect your game to your leaderboards.

Can’t wait for the theme!

Feeding The Brain

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 3:19 am

Right, well I’ve got a few levels worth of simple text based in-game tutorials in, so it shouldn’t be so bewildering to people that start it. Not really sure what I’m going to look into next, but not because I lack things to do to it! I might try and get some sounds and/or music in.

Tutorial in action

I also had some breakfast, I was going to cook some bacon, but I felt hungry and lazy, so just had some toast with peanut butter instead. Will have to do something more exciting for lunch. More tea was also involved (of course).

Toasty goodness.

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