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Post-Jam Version of The Turmeric Jam Jar’s No-Name Game.

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Monday, December 30th, 2013 1:19 pm

I’ve been working a little the last couple of days to fix what most people found annoying in our original entry:

The character controller.

Those controllers seem to be hard to make right, but now it is at least much better with a grace period for jumping and updated collision logic.

To crown this post-jam version of the No-Name Game we’ve also added several animations that were scrapped due to time constraint, sounds for tons of things we never managed to produce and some particle systems where they always should have been.

This is sure to make our game even more disturbing and horrifying and all those other things you guys think it is (according to the comments).

Check out the new version:

A Turmeric Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Friday, December 27th, 2013 7:26 am

This Ludum was chiefly a social experiment:

Could I bully some of my friends to come here to our house and have them make a game with me?

Given that some would show up, most of them not programmers and those that are… they code in different languages and are hard to coax into new platforms.
I had decided, though I put if forward as something that could be discussed, that we’d use Unity’s new 2D mode.

The art-style was sort of set on the Friday. In an attempt at harvesting everyone’s talent the most, we decided that all content be made IRL and no CGI trickery allowed. I also expected this would make our game stand out, which is extremely important when there are so many entries.

So we went to sleep and woke up to the worst theme we could have imagined.
We had a meeting, but I can’t say we ever got to a clear “You only get one”, so instead we had many weaker “one friend”, “one direction” (camera was not supposed to allow backtracking as in old Mario games), “one inventory”.

We never got around to formulating any strong connection with the theme, that’s the first thing that went wrong.

The IRL department sat out taking photos of things and tediously magic wanding and lassoing away their backgrounds:

Turmeric Jam Jar's moss sprite

The moss sprite

In parallel I was coding behaviors with colored blocks feeling very professional:

Development Scene

Development scene

I had a novice Unity assistant working on animating the main character (his first experience of Unity) which saved me several hours.

How did it all work out?

Turmeric Master Plan

A design for a friend.

What went wrong

  • Character controller is a bit funky, we’ll try to fix that soon.
  • Time ran out for me, so all animations and effects were not included
  • There’s a bug: If some items are picked up and dropped they become very very small
  • There’s another bug making the hearts not affected by gravity (one could also miss the meat-heart and right now there’s only one crane-flight)

What went right

  • The graphics! The atmosphere!
  • The characters way of movement
  • Some of the puzzles were quite awesome

But most of all, I proved to my friends that we’re a game making team. I got several of them hooked, and some that missed this time I’m expecting will join next.

Finally, we set out to make a game with no violence and no sexism in it. We stayed pretty much true to the no violence, though one ending can be interpreted as such, the game itself is very non-violent. As for sexism, there should be absolutely none in this game.

Try our game, many find it scary. We’re just proud that we did it: The Turmeric Jam Jar’s No-Name Game

Your vote is in…

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Thursday, December 19th, 2013 5:14 pm

This was the second time for me at giving out a game.

Both times, I’m gathering people have enjoyed the games but found the character controllers funky. To this I agree.
This time around there were so many other things needing my attention that the controller had to be good enough as it was. Still not happy with it. Especially since I think we made a really quite interesting experience otherwise.

The two games are quite different, but I can’t help feeling like there’s something general I’m not seeing.

First was a 3D platformer from first person perspective Run with the Revolution and this Ludum we made a 2D platform puzzler:

The main character.

The Turmeric Jam Jar’s No-Name Game.

In the latter, I opted for linecasting from the character’s center to three points below it to test its grounded state rather than using collision-detection on its box-collider.

I wanted to avoid being able to jump upon vertical wall touching, I also experimented with frontal collision using the same method as testing for ground. Idea was to have the character bounce back from walls it ran into so that it couldn’t and wouldn’t stick them. It seems that these attempts didn’t really work. Or it seems like I was missing something.

Having played some games this round and last, I know I’m far from alone in the defunct controller compartment.

So to those of you who know how to make smooth controllers within physics engines (I was using Unity), whats your magic?

(And yes, you should try our game, fortunately the controllers aren’t that important to it!)

I’ll be back with a proper what went which way… but I’d really like to see some comments on character control.

A Hard Day’s Turmeric Work

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:16 pm

Its been a merciless day of crashes and misunderstandings. The theme also toppled our planning we had started the day before.

We split the work so we had two persons in the prop / photo / clean up in GIMP department.

The physicist took upon himself to serve coffee and tea during the first hours of the day. Then he dug into the department of music and sound effects.

One responsible for putting together and animating the main character:

The main character.

The main character.

I’ve been struggling with getting acceptable mechanics for the character controller, the camera and many other things. There’s a long long way to go tomorrow, but to encourage ourselves we switched from colored blocks to the graphics we’ve been working on:

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Architect came for a few hours, pointed at our weaknesses and said they could only be fixed if we added a frog. We will have one, we promise. The game will be perfect!

Sprite Code for Unity and Desktop Photo

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 7:47 am

Unity 2D Sprite Animation

I spent the warmup weekend cursing the collision detection in the new 2D mode in Unity for several hours until I realized that there was a new OnCollisionEnter2D. Makes sense, but lesson learned: know your tool before starting. I would have been so frustrated if those hours had been tomorrow afternoon, that I don’t know what would have happened.

After that debacle, I made a Unity2D Sprite Animation Script that I think turned out pretty nice and easy to use. Probably there are better and more efficient out there, but since we’ll probably use it, it needs to be available. So here you go. If you want to use it, consider it public domain.

Short instructions: Use Unity’s sprite editor to break up sprite sheet(s) into sprites. Then add one SpriteAnimator per type of animation you want on your game object (e.g. ‘walk left’, ‘walk right’).
Add one SpriteAnimationSelector to the game object with the SpriteAnimator(s). The CharacterController is not a full controller by any means, but it shows how to interface with the SpriteAnimationSelector.

Finally, this is where we’ll code, more computers are coming:

The living room game making table of the turmeric jam jar.

The living room game making table of the turmeric jam jar.

And here’s where we’ll try our luck with using stop-motion in making the game:

The animation corner of the turmeric jam jar.

The animation corner of the turmeric jam jar.

All from our living room.

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