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Troubling times – How did I do it?

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Monday, May 12th, 2014 7:51 am

It’s a couple of weeks after the contest, a few days before the results will be released. It feels about right to add a how-did-I-do-it? post.

Like last time I kept an extensive log on the subject and my progress. I used these tools:

Using my 3d mouse the 3d explorer and a wacom cintiq drawing board as main hardware input.

I started off with the writing down the concept on paper (or word for that matter). The game ended up as a point and click adventure through an underwater base which is near total destruction. I thought up an emotional story about a young girl, trapped beneath the surface of the ocean. As she’s the only person, deep underneath the surface, she feels trapped and alone as she tries to flee her confinement.

Writing down the concept on (digital) paper

After finishing those I went on to create every scene in a story board. I drew my storyboard directly inside the GameCreators editor as it allowed me  to quickly prototype it.

Sketching and prototyping

After I decided the prototype was correct I continued to improve the logic and update the graphics.

The three stages I used to improve the scenery.


What went wrong?

Nothing really went bad, but I did end up with an issue related to the audio. I couldn’t match the mood with the audio, so I had to leave it out. Other thing is I probably used too much time on the scenery. I first thought to draw it all out in 2d. But after I finished all the mockup scenes I decided 3d modelling would allow me to easier set the mood I wanted.

What went right?

After I decided to go full 3d I only needed a few hours to work out the scenes in 3d. It looked good and was easy to import and fit inside the editor replacing the old art.

The thing that really succeeded with my chosen game type was the ease to create storyboards in the game editor I used and transform it to the final game.


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