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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:49 pm


(Except when he needs to use it to avoid being crushed to death)

2 explorers
A constantly changing labyrinth
4 walls of death
A hoard of treasure for the taking
And two hats…




Explorer 1
Movement = Arrow Keys
Drop/Pick up Hat = Enter

Explorer 2
Movement = WASD
Drop/Pick up Hat = Space


Steal treasure and halt giant walls of spikes with your trusty headwear.
But watch out! It may stop traps, but it won’t last forever!
Make sure to plonk it back on your head so it stays in good nick.

Wait! What was that? Seems you’re not alone.

Outrun your opponent as the labyrinth closes around you and outlive them


Work together with your rival to build up your riches then stab them in the back.

To the victor, the spoils!


In the Indiana Jones films, his hat is always the object that seems to survive against the ridiculously impossible odds. We took the durability of the hat to it’s extremes by making it an object that could be used to protect our adventurer against the dangers of the tomb. In these films, the hat always ends up back on the head of the hero, so for the mechanics we made it regenerate health as long as it returned to it’s owner’s head.

—————-<BUILT BY IN 12 HOURS>—————-

Rafal Bryks 
Christophe Canarapen

Alex Johansson

Music Production
Ryan Woodlands-Mooney

Sounds and & Death Song
Will Bedford

Enjoy and any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Things are working here!

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 9:08 am

I did a little update video on the new things.

I have a working UI and you can select from 2 items to place in the maze – ofcourse you have to buy them first. The Traps are stationery, the monsters are simply randomly traversing the paths.

Next thing is to make them interact with each other. This is the last hard part in the project – I hope I’ll have time for some polishing too.

The Destruction of the Sheep

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 11:30 am

Having learnt some great lessons from my previous LD48 entry, Save The Hut, I decided to not include as much boringness, confusion and frustration in my next game. Together with the theme Construction/Destruction, and a cosmetic theme of Sheep, it all became so obvious: I was to make a game where you construct traps to destruct sheep. And lo and behold! there was The Destruction of the Sheep.


I decided to use pretty much the same tech as for Save The Hut, but used it better to get some fancier stuff, like sub tile precision movements, rotated sprites, pseudo 3D particle gibs, and paintable background.

The game was supposed to be a puzzle game, but in the end only a few levels were puzzly, the rest was just mindless, but entertaining, sheep destruction with lots of gore. All in all, it worked out very well, making me a winner in ‘fun’ and ‘complete’ categories, and third in ‘gameplay (innovation?)’ and ‘overall’.

There’s an improved version available, adding some fixes, and a 2x time speed-up button (but there remains at least two bugs and a lot of spelling errors). You can get this version of The Destruction of the Sheep as a .zip archive or as an installer. They’re for Windows.

The original compo version is also available, both for DOS and for Windows (the Windows .exe was kindly provided by Hamumu during the compo). There’s also the source.

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