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Play these games because…

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Saturday, May 12th, 2012 2:53 pm

Just in time, I’ve finished rating 100 games, a LOT of them were really good. I’ve made a list of 25 games. I’ve listed some of the best divided into 5 categories.

Play these games because they are original!!

These games all added something new to their genres that I hadn’t seen before in other games.

1. Boxed by Starpixie

Play it here:

I was pretty awed by this concept. It’s about a box that is inside a box. However, the second box is also inside the first box and one box influences what happens in the other. Can’t get your head around it? Play the game and you might. A really great take on the theme. The game has it’s problems however, but it was too original not to place on number one.

2. Recluse by Chambers

Play it here:

I disliked this game at first because of its small game window. That was until something really surprising happened that had everything to do with the window size.

3. Moon base by morganquirk

Play it here:

A game that shows what happens when the world is as small as a beach ball but still has the same gravitational pull. This game is also very polished, but has a difficulty curve that is a bit steep.

4. Bottlecolonies by tcstyle

play it here:

I don’t think I have ever seen a videogame that appears to be so simple, and then turns out to be surprisingly well thought through. That’s a pretty original quality in a videogame if you ask me.

5. Spaceship in the sky with colors by quixotic-project

play it here:

Collect colors to be able to fly in the sky with the same color without dying. It gets pretty tricky. Not a perfect game but it provides a very unique game experience.


Play these games because they have a lot of depth (for a 48 hour game!)!

These games are ambitious and have depth, but you need to take your time for them and they have their flaws. But they are worth figuring out.

1. Gale Axile by free_napalm

Play it here:

A random galaxy is generated and you have to try to build a spaceship and get away. To do this you have to plant and harvest fruits, trees, make weapons, collect ore, kill spacemice and find a way to get to the right planets, while not starving and keeping warm (your choice between a campfire or a piece of uranium.) The downside to a game having all these elements is that you have to give the game a couple of tries before you even know what you have to do.

2. ONLY US by Datamosh

Play it here:

In this case the game is deep for a different reason than the other games in this list. You are on the moon with your astronaut partner, and while your partner stays behind at the ship, you go explore the moon. But if you go further, you get lonelier, and it keeps getting harder to go back.

3. Deconstructorium by GreyShock

Play it here:

Collect molecules and make them interact with each other to gain new powers, only to lose them again when one of your experiments goes wrong. Playing this game truly feels like experimenting with the world, and there are a lot of possibilities.

4. Tinysasters by Volute

play it here:

A tiny world has four types of land. If you build a shrine on that land, each land will produce a different type of mana. If you build a workplace on it, each one will produce a different kind of resource. You have to keep improving the world, but often natural disasters happen that will ruin everything again.

5. Exposed by 01101101

play it here:

In this very polished game you have to evolve little creatures by exposing them to different elements in the lab. It feels a bit like deconstructorium mentioned above, but is a bit more limited.


Play these games because they are epic!!

I can’t really define what makes these games so great, so don’t expect any good arguments. Just play the games.

1. Tiny World: The Musical: The Game by pdyxs

play it here:

A game that’s also a musical, why is that epic?

Because it is.

2: Prince of Leaves by evilseanbot

Play it here:

As with number one, it is the audio that makes this game truly epic. You won’t understand until you have played it.

3. T in Y World by Tom 7

Play it here:

I still have no clue what this game is and what makes it so awesome, but it’s just amazingly original.

4. Hero of rain by 31eee384

Play it here:

The idea of a tiny world in a raindrop that is in the last fase of it’s fall, facing inevitable destruction just gave me chills.

5. Eye Questeigenbom

Play it here:

I don’t know why. Just play it.


Play these games because they are polished!!

These games all feel really complete and polished. Most arn’t really original, but they are all beautiful and you won’t be getting stuck in any walls.

1. Memento XII by deepnight

Play it here:

I think this was my favorite game of all. Very polished and very beautiful in more than one way. You just have to play this one.

2. Tiny Island Adventure by AdventureIslands

Play it here:

No flaws. Looks great, sounds nice and well animated. The only negative thing you can say about it is that it’s ‘just’ another platform game. But it’s a very, very polished one.

3. Zephyr by cadin

Play it here:

This one really needed it’s own category, it’s really relaxing. It’s a simple, beautiful game where you have to guide forest sprites to a flower. It makes great use of audio that sets the right mood and gives feedback at the same time.

4. Dude, where’s my planet by Zamando

play it here:

One of the many games with small round planets that you have to travel between, what makes this one stand out? It looks absolutely amazing. (And the fact that it has an added mechanic.)

5. Evolve by jerombd

Play it here:

This isn’t even a game, really. You have a planet and each round you have to make a choice, deciding the fate of the planet. It just looks really amazing and has some very funny outcomes.


Play these games because they are fun!!

These games are all really simple in design, but extremely fun.

1. Overpopulous by Make A Game

Play it here:

Great theme! You have to ‘colonise’ new planets by crashing into them with your own planet. It’s chaotic, it’s funny, it’s fast.

2. Astro Break by hulahulahest

Play it here:

The presentation, the sound effects, the simple gameplay, the fact that you shoot at things, it all just screams fun. And it is.

3. Eight O’Clock by Kendja

Play it here:

A small adventure game where you search for keys and talk to strangers who say silly things.

4. Dave is in a Fish Tank by Toast

Play it here:

Dave is a tiny guy who is in a fish tank. You need to feed him, but not everything you drop in the tank is food. There are some really surprising and fun elements to this game.

5. Nom Nom Planet by Arkazon

Play it here:

Aliens are eating your planet. You don’t want aliens to eat your planet. Shoot them.


Play this game because I made it

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