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7dRTS – Troops – Too Easy Games

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 12:34 pm


Soooooooo we’re a little late delivering our entry for 7dRTS… unfortunately a number of distractions raised their ugly heads during the second half of development but we soldiered on and are proud to present Troops!

Troops is a side-on 2D/3D game that mixes strategic unit placement and skill shots with real time multi-player mayhem. It was made in Unity from scratch in just over 8 days by 2 programmers and 2 artists from the lovely city Dundee, Scotland. Music and soundFX were obtained under Creative Commons licences which can be found on GitHub along with the source, linked below. All other assets were produced during the 8 day period.

Screen 2

Gameplay Overview

  • Game consists to two teams with 6 Troops each, placed at either side of the map. Shoot your enemy until there is nothing left to shoot.
  • Adjust your Troops’ fire power and aim to perform skillshots at a distance or in close quarters.
  • Weapons have a set reload time and Troops need to stand still to reload, moving them will reset the reload time. You can adjust aim & power without interrupting the Reload.
  • Game ends when one army is wiped out. No base building, its all about the Troops.
  • Multiplayer: Connect to a hosted game via the master server or by IP and become victorious!
  • Practice controlling, aiming and shooting with your troops before joining the fray in offline mode. No AI yet :(


  • Select your troops with left click / drag and move them by right clicking
  • Manually aim troops’ shot trajectory & power with right click and dragging from a selected unit, or ctrl + right click to fire at a position.
  • Scroll the camera with the middle mouse button


The jam was certainly a challenge for us but we had an absolute blast! Hopefully there’ll be more larger scale Ludum ‘mini’ jams in the future, the games produced have all be phenomenal.




Also, check out an entry made by one of our programmers for #LD26 😀

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