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Jam entry: SQUIGGLES

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 7:10 am


Click here to go and play the game!

Hello! Ava, Marte and Morten once again teamed up for the jam. This time we ended up following the theme both mechanically (squishy, deformable octopus) and narratively (tadpole growing up into a frog). Help them help each other through this puzzly maze!

The game ended up having to be somewhat experimental in nature; emulating a squishy octopus in a rigid body physics engine was a bit difficult! It’s not entirely bug free when it comes to said cephalopod, but it was fun and worth trying.


Two thirds of us weren’t really feeling well this weekend, but we marched on! This did however mean that some of the details from our previous entries, like dynamic camera, little cutscenes and sound effects all had to go this time around, so it does feel unpolished there, but music alone actually sort of fits the mood of this game, so…

Have a play, will you? c:

The Death Explodes the Crows

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 7:29 am

Hello people

I’m here again in this crazy weekend. It’s my second LD but this time I’ll pretend to do something more relaxed, more simple and with mainly focus!

The premisse is you are a toad and the bad crow’ve attacked for you’ll die and becaming a good food to the crow, but … a special surprise the toad will grow and exploding. The toad’ll be dead but some crows could die too 😉 You have just a chance to reveange of the crows little toad.


My first sketches some ideas using Game Canvas Model and dirt fast concept of big toad

foto 2 foto 1


Well let’s go!! No promisses, just fun!

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